Why it is Just as Important to Keep Your Brand Consistent Online and Offline

As a business owner, you should be familiar with brand development. Many businesses often struggle with developing and maintaining a consistent brand. Keeping your brand consistent is not simply about using the same logo, or colour scheme. It is much more than that.

What is Brand consistency?

downloadA large part of brand consistency is about using the same voice in every engagement with potential consumers. If you have established a persona for your business that is very professional, at your brick and mortar location, why would you use an informal or humorous voice online? It is necessary to keep the voice consistent across all communication channels.

Brand consistency is also about understanding the core values of your business and continually presenting that same message to all consumers. If your message or value proposition changes during your engagement with a consumer this may confuse them about what you actually offer.

Why should I keep my Brand consistent?

There are many reasons to keep your brand consistent, but the most important are recognizability and for dependability. Having a recognizable and memorable logo is great and can really help you stay in the mind of consumers. However, if you are using multiple logos in different places on and offline, this will confuse consumers. Choose the best and most relevant theme and keep it.

If a consumer is familiar with your branding this makes it seem more dependable. If a brand is viewed as dependable and reliable a consumer is more likely to purchase from that business than another.

What If I don’t have a set brand yet?

If you have been trying multiple branding tactics try and test which one is working best for your business. You can also see which one is most suitable for the image you are trying to create for your brand.

Or do some surveying of customers. If you have two logos that you are trying to decide between see what some customers think. This will also help create more personal relationships with these clients.

Remember it is never too late to implement a brand for your business!
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