all-in-one-content-development-platformDifferences in Content Creation

When most people visualize the word “content” they think of blog posts like this one. Blogging platforms are important– but they’re only one piece of the content puzzle.

If you want your content to reach large audiences, you have to know how to know your way around many different types of internet platforms.

What’s an Internet Platform?

There’s a lot of confusion around the word “platform.” Even the world’s smartest web developers have trouble nailing down a concise definition.

For this purposes of this blog post, let’s just say that an internet platform is a place on the web where people can go to do stuff– like create or share content.

Read on to discover content creation tips for 3 of the web’s most important internet platforms.

1. Facebook

When it comes to Internet platforms, Facebook is the leader by far. A whopping 1.65 billion people log into Facebook every single month. That means that there are currently more Facebook users on the planet than there are Chinese citizens.

  • Post photos. Post pictures of your customers and employees to your company’s Facebook page. If there’s a company event, bring your camera and upload your snapshots the next day.
  • Don’t post too often. According to a study conducted by the University of Colorado Denver Business School, oversharing is the main reason why people hit the unfriend button.
  • End every post with a question. In order for your content to succeed on Facebook, you need to engage your audience. The more activity your post receives, the better it will rank. The easiest way to boost your engagement stats is to ask an interesting question at the end of every post.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media community aimed at business professionals. It’s like a buttoned-up version of Facebook. Thoughtful, intellectual posts do quite well on LinkedIn.

  • Post infographics. According to LinkedIn’s Product Manager Arpit Dhariwal, infographics get more LinkedIn love than other document types.
  • Share your expertise. The most successful LinkedIn blog posts contain phrases like “spotting talent,” “acting ethically,” and “leading with purpose,” according to LinkedIn managing editor Chip Cutter.

3. Pinterest

When it comes to internet marketing platforms, Pinterest often gets the short shrift. But it’s the perfect platform for gaining publicity if you’re running a hobby related business.

  • Post 30 pins every day. Content sharing rules and norms are very different across different internet platforms. On Facebook, you’ll get unfriended if you post too often. But according to research published by Buffer’s Inclusivity Catalyst Courtney Seiter, it’s okay to post as many as 30 pins a day.
  • Create lots of “how to” mosaics. Pinterest is a great place to post instructional guides on the web. The social network’s multi-image mosaic style pin provides the perfect format. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with your expertise.

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