Google Makes Another Change: Keyword Search and Relevance

36987bbAnyone who spends any time online dealing with their online marketing knows that Google is never satisfied with developing a keyword search strategy, implementing it, and then leaving it alone (one might reasonably conclude that this is one of the reasons why they are so successful). Constantly updating and re-creating the ways in which their crawlers operate, Google continues to improve their search tactics – often to the chagrin of those who operate in the SEO marketplace. But to say that these updates are just a pain in the butt negates their importance. One of the latest actually makes finding you online easier – as long as you know how to take advantage of it!

Check out this great video from In it, Rand Fishkin takes on the seemingly monumental task of explaining in depth the importance of this most recent change – and why domain name is no longer the key factor in what results come from a keyword search.

According to Rand’s assessment, Google is now creating connections based on more than just domain name. Things like links to your site, brand search volume, and where searchers ultimately end up now play a big part in which terms take searchers to which pages. As a result, making a keyword search work for you is often about thinking outside the box, and focusing on concepts, terms, or phrases, perhaps more so than a few “key” big-money terms.

Does domain name no longer matter? Of course not –it just isn’t going to work as well on its own anymore.

As usual, as with all previous Google changes, this means that your online marketing strategy will need to change too. Adapting to this new trend of keyword relevance can make a major difference when it comes to long term ROI.

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