What We Learn About How to Generate Sales Leads Online

Internets most popular websitesWhen it comes to comparing websites, especially those considered to be the most profitable as far as generating sales leads online, there are a number of common attributes and core marketing principles that the most successful seem to subscribe too. But what are they? How easy it is to spot what works and what doesn’t, and how many of these common attributes are you utilizing to boost your leads?

Here are some of the top marketing tactics that the most popular and arguably most powerful pages on the web employ. Are you taking notes?

  1. High volume content – the most visited sites seem to be those that produce a high volume of content regularly – and by high, we mean HIGH. Some of the most powerful (ESPN and Facebook) add 100s of new pages a day! Ok, sure, this isn’t exactly doable for most of us – but it does tell us something important. Keeping content flowing, adding new content on a regular basis, helps to significantly draw in potentials and keep them interested. A blog a month just isn’t going to cut it anymore – so make sure you keep updating.
  2. Large audiences – again, some of the most powerful sites are those that have the followings. Again, perhaps garnering a following on your Facebook page that includes millions isn’t going to happen – but are you doing everything you can to encourage those likes? Content is huge here, as is reading and responding to customer reviews, encouraging feedback, or even posting games or interactive content. Get people talking online and the leads will follow.
  3. Simple, user-friendly, high-quality websites – a sophisticated website can be attractive, but with too many bells and whistles, too many pages to click through to finds answers, customers will quickly be turned off. Simplify the process. One of the best ways to use your website to generate sales leads online is to make it easy for your potentials to get the answers they want, and to get in touch with you.

Sure, it may be challenging to compete with the leaders online, but does that mean we can’t learn anything from them? Is it better to just assume defeat and cut our losses? No. Think about it: these companies and their websites may be huge, but they got there for a reason, and learning from their success and using some of their tactics just makes it that much easier for you.

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