The Truth About Search Engine Optimization Companies

Any business owner or marketer who has sought to outsource their SEO likely has varying opinions on this topic. You see, it is the goal of most companies to reach those prime positions on an organic search engine. There have been varying studies on the percentage of people who click on the top 3 organic results on Google, however no one can deny that placement there will = business.

Getting your website to rank organically is no easy task. Companies invest thousands of dollars monthly trying to get there.

Some of Canada’s largest SEO companies have think tanks where they are constantly trying to find weaknesses in the Google algorithm to get their clients to the top. Some of these techniques are more aggressive than others. Some are not even considered bad or “black hat” until Google changes the algorithm and hundreds of these companies end up with penalties on their website.

Let’s look at link building as an example. It would be natural to think that if many websites are linking to a particular site or page within a site then the page is likely to rank as a result if words that the link is optimized for are searched. This evolved as follows:

1.      First it was just if sites were linking into your site and the link was built properly.

2.      Then it was the more links the better.

3.      Then the page rank of the site linking to your site began to factor in the value of a link.

4.      Next the relevance of the link is what is important.

With each Google algorithm change, these techniques got decimated, resulting not only in companies losing their rankings, but often being left with penalties on their sites as well. This is not to mention the fact that many search engine companies are now asking their clients to pay to remove the bad links that they built and to sign waivers with respect to ongoing link building.

Listen: the bottom line is that good, healthy, long lasting organic SEO involves the following: good targeted keywords, original quality content, content properly optimized including inter-site links, a nominal number of high quality, relevant links into your site, traffic to your pages, etc…

These are good, natural best practices that work and that Google will never abolish.

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