What is Above the Fold Link Building

There are many different ways to build links into your website. Many different types of online marketing companies deploy different tactics to get their companies to rank at the top on the various search engines. However, a technique touted as a best practice today can quickly be frowned upon tomorrow. So, what are some really healthy, above the fold, SEO techniques that are likely never to be frowned upon?

  1. Create a content plan for your website. SEO should never impact user experience but it is important to have a guide that quickly tells you which pages in your site are optimized for which words so that when you create new content you can link relevant words to other relevant pages within your site.
  2. Don’t be greedy. Only target one keyword grouping for one particular page. Trying to have a really long title and content stuffed with lots of different keywords simply doesn’t work – less is more. Besides, Google limits the words it reads in your title to 55 characters. Focus on one targeted group of words and having a really engaging title.
  3. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Your URL, meta title, meta description, meta keywords and page header should all contain your keyword. You should also aim to write your keyword into your content 2-4% of the time – but not at the expense of the content and the way it reads.

Now you have set the stage to build really healthy, above the fold links into your website. Remember, less is more. Now you need to:

  • Link pages to other pages in your website. Link 1 or 2 of your keywords to other relevant pages in your site optimized for the same word.
  • A nominal number of really high quality sites that are relevant to your industry to link to pages in your site optimized for your targeted keywords.
  • Take advantage of your social media and blogs. Optimize your blogs for your keywords and release blogs to social sites with links back to relevant pages. Also, don’t forget to create blog categories for those targeted keywords!

These are all tips that will never be frowned upon by Google and can lead to the online authority you are striving for. Seem like a lot of work? If you would like to look at ways to increase your online exposure without having to do it yourself, please visit www.abovethefoldmedia.com or call 416-477-1862.