Who, What, When? How the Best Online Marketing Companies Use Human Behaviour

We came across this great article recently that examines in depth how human behaviour influences search marketing, and started thinking about how the best online marketing companies (us included of course) are using information such as this to help their clients garner real results.

The article, “Hearing the Rhythms of Human Search Behavior: What We’ve Learned”, sheds some light on how time of day and device impact online behaviour, with some really interesting results. Check some of them out:

Time of Day:

–        When it comes to online searches related to task completion, the rates are much higher during the morning hours versus evening, and the searches are conducted far more often from a PC rather than a mobile device.

–        Conversely, although not at all surprising, far more searches related to entertainment are done at night than during the day.

–        Online shopping seems to be fairly balanced, taking place during both day and night, although more daytime shopping occurs on mobile whereas evening shopping is done on a PC.

This infographic explains the trends well:

Ok, all of this is great information, but what does it have to do with your marketing strategy? Well, a lot actually, and the best online marketing companies are those who are taking this information and running with it, rather than casting it aside as if it holds little value. Catering your own posts or ads according to this research can mean huge gains as far as traffic to your website and social presences – are you taking advantage?

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