Facebook DOs and DON’Ts

Facebook is the go-to social media platform for marketers. Understandably so, with over 1.6 billion worldwide, and an anticipated 19 million Canadian users. If your business is not currently on Facebook, you are missing out on incredible opportunities to engage with customers and sell your product or service.

Fortunately, it is not too late to get started.

Welcome to Part 2 of the Social Media Series. This post will discuss how to develop your business through Facebook, the things you should be doing and what you should avoid.

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facebook (1)Facebook DOs:

1. Update Content

Facebook has designed the perfect place for business owners to create a following and distribute information about their business. However, if the page is not up to date why would clients want to engage with you?

There are 3 things to keep updated:

  1. Business Hours – Let people know when they can reach you
  2. Business Description – Tell them what your business is about and your value proposition
  3. Page Images – Display clean and crisp images that are up to date and consistent across all social media platforms

2. Post Things Relevant to Your Brand

This point cannot be stressed enough. All content posted on Facebook must meet two requirements:

  1. Content must be relevant to your consumers and target audience
  2. Content must be consistent with brand across all platforms and in-store

If your content is not consistent with your brand, consumers may be confused about what you offer or if they are engaging with the correct business.

3. Ask For Reviews

Unlike many other social media platforms, Facebook allows consumers to leave reviews and like a business page. This can help your business grow, through online word-of-mouth and user connectivity.

You can help develop your following on Facebook by asking customers, in-person and online, to like your page and leave a review.

Facebook DON’Ts:

1. Focus on Facebook Exclusively

While Facebook is the largest online platform, you should not use it exclusively. There are many other social media platforms to connect with consumers. Using Facebook alone will limit your potential reach and interactions.

2. Always Focus on the Bottom Line

When posting or engaging with followers on Facebook, do not constantly advertise to them. This will annoy your customers and reduce your engagement. Instead, post other relevant information about your industry that they may find interesting.

When engaging with people on Facebook, focus on their humanity and creating a relationship rather than their value.

3. Forget to Respond

Customers can now like, comment, review, post, and send direct messages to your Facebook page. With so many ways for people to talk to you, it is important to keep an eye and respond to all conversations good or bad, long or short.

If someone says they had a great experience, thank them and if appropriate say you hope to assist/see them again soon.

If someone has a negative opinion about your business, apologize and ask how you could change that.

Remember to respond and act fast, because on Facebook bad or good news can spread quickly.

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