3 Expert Inbound Marketing Examples You Should Implement Now

3 Inbound Marketing Strategy Examples You’ll Want to Use ASAP

Whether you’re developing your first ever marketing strategy or need fresh ideas to reinvigorate a flagging campaign, one of the best ways to be inspired is to follow the trail blazed by expert marketers ahead of you. There are few better inbound marketing examples than those set by the pioneer Hubspot, with whom we are proud to partner. Here are three – get your notepads ready!


How to Build an Impactful Inbound Marketing Campaign


1. Homepage Examples

Website home pages used to be the entry point for a majority of a website’s visitors. Today, that is not the case.

The adoption of inbound marketing tactics like blogging and SEO plus the increasing intuitiveness of search engines like Google means many website visitors are now entering sites through deeper content.

For this reason, Hubspot suggests using home pages for higher-stakes conversion opportunities instead of lead generation.

They put this into practice on their own homepage. Take a look at the Hubspot content that is “above the fold,” or prioritized on the page.

Every call-to-action button leads to a product information page with conversion opportunities.

inbound marketing examples

And the product offers pages contain conversion-centric elements like value statements, popular features, and relevant images that help “sell” the service.

inbound marketing examples

inbound marketing examples

inbound marketing examples


Inbound marketing best practices for home web pages generally still apply, of course. It’s important to have a user-friendly design, conventional navigation, and plenty of opportunities to engage.


2. Landing Page Examples

A landing page is an inbound-centric web page that is accessed by clicking a link in one place that directs you to another web page somewhere else. The page you arrive on, or the landing page, generally contains a form that, when completed, then allows you to subscribe or download a special offer.

Any given landing page that follows the marketing industry’s best practices consists of the following:

  • Minimal or no menu navigation.
  • Image with a clear headline and subhead text.
  • Bulleted value statements.
  • Reference to or link to a privacy policy.
  • Brief form with an action button.

But Hubspot goes so far beyond basic best practices, and that’s noteworthy. Though they do have a “quick click” option for people familiar with their brand, much of their landing page is spent establishing value and on building trust with the visitor.

If you follow Hubspot’s example, add the following:

  • Identity statement:

    These are helpful especially if you are using your landing page in a pay-per-click campaign. If the visitor doesn’t know who you are when they click your ad, they will when they get to your landing page. 

  • Quick-click opportunity for friendlies:

    Hubspot places a clear headline and sub-headline with a call-to-action button high on the page that redirects visitors immediately to the form at the bottom, so they can skip all the extra reading and jump straight to the offer.

    inbound marketing examples

  • Double the value:

    Two types of value statements are used. One statement is more general, made in paragraph form, and is focused more on education. The other statement is made in bullet form, is specific to the offer, and is ideal for an individual slightly more familiar with marketing terms and ready for action.

    inbound marketing examples

  • Floating “goad” (plus another button):

    For this feature to activate, you have to scroll down the page. “Over 50,000 have already downloaded this guide on landing pages.” This implies the credibility of the download by claiming others trust Hubspot to provide valuable marketing insights while giving yet another opportunity to skip to the form below. It continues to stay on the page as you move down it from this point on.

  • Preview:

    This is a peek inside the offer itself and is ideal for people who are less bought-in or are looking for something specific. (Amazon does this with some of its books, offering previews on the purchase page itself or by offering to send samples to your Kindle. Smart!)

    inbound marketing examples

  • FAQs:

    At the time of this article, the FAQ section exists on every one of Hubspot’s landing pages. It is meant to be both educational and reassuring.

  • The form – finally:

    Keep it simple, but don’t forget the opportunity to have them subscribe to future emails.

inbound marketing examples


3. Blog Examples

One of the most popular inbound marketing tactics used today is the blog. And while all the standard inbound marketing blog strategies like content offers, multiple forms of media, and optimized headers subheads and text still apply, if you look at Hubspot’s blog, you’ll notice they do more.

1. Skip Navigation and Anchor Tags

As blog articles get longer and longer, getting it the point is important. But so is providing valuable information. Hubspot understands this and uses special HTML techniques to enable visitors to quickly get to the blog content that is most important to them.

inbound marketing examples

2. Embedded CTAs and Offers

Calls-to-action no longer have to be left to the bottom of blog articles. Embedding offers higher up in your blog articles provides an early conversion opportunity for visitors who may not read the article in full.

inbound marketing examples

3. Emphasized Text

There is some debate about whether emphasized – in this case, bolded – text impacts search engine results. But in today’s culture of blog-skimming, making important points in your text stand out is undoubtedly going to help the reader take in more information.

inbound marketing examples

4. Slide-in Pop-up Offers

This is an inbound marketing tactic Hubspot has been implementing for a while but is used less frequently than the more interruptive, full-screen pop-ups. When done well, slide-in pop-ups are initiated lower on the web page, slide in from the side, and does not fully prevent the visitor from reading the text on the page.

inbound marketing examples

A Special Note about Being a Copycat

While following the example of pro inbound marketers like Hubspot can inspire your marketing strategy, it’s important to take into consideration your website visitors’ and ideal customers’ preferences, industry expectations, and the other factors that make your business unique.

If Hubspot were weighing in on this advice, they’d tell you to try these inbound tactics on your own website and then run an AB Test  to see what modifications may need to be made for your audience.


If you are ready to implement some of these inbound marketing examples but need help, Above the Fold Media is here for you. Request a consultation today.

How to Build an Impactful Inbound Marketing Campaign