The 4 Things Every Marketer Must Know About Website Responsiveness

Do You Understand Responsive Web Design?

Every marketer today should be familiar with the importance of developing a user-friendly website. It is necessary to have clean professional landing pages, a sharp design, and easy to navigate pages.

But have you ever considered the difference in visitor experience between devices?

Having a website that adapts to different devices and screen sizes can greatly impact the bounce rate and clickthrough rate of your website.

Responsive web design is a method used in website development that permits the site to adjust to the best size based on the device being used.

Here are four reasons why you should use a responsive website for your business.

1.Increased Mobile Usage

Three out of four Canadians own a smartphone, and more than 49% of Canadians use mobile to access the internet. That is a drastic increase in mobile usage. If your website is not optimized for mobile use, you are potentially missing out on business opportunities.

2. Performance

Google recommends that an entire mobile page should load in less than 2 seconds. If your website is not designed to be responsive, the desktop version of the site will not load that quickly on mobile. Therefore using a responsive website design will get your content loaded faster across multiple devices.

3. Better For SEO

While it is possible to develop a site specifically for mobile and another for desktops Google and other search engines prefer a responsive website. Having a responsive site means that you have a single URL for your site rather than a second for mobile. This drastically reduces the chance of site errors and redirects, making your website more search engine and user-friendly.

4. Adaptation for New and Future Devices

Time is money, so why waste time re-adjusting your website as new platforms are released? Responsive website design can save you time and money. When you develop a responsive site it will continue to work on all future devices without having to be reprogrammed.

Even if your website is not currently designed to be responsive, it is not too late! Getting your website optimized for multiple platforms will help keep your site accessible for all users, and improve your business.

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