A Few Toronto SEO Company Arrows in Our Quiver  

Arrow and Quiver

At ATF Media, we pride ourselves on being the Toronto SEO company that uses white hat techniques. Our priority is driving traffic to your company that converts. Our number one goal is building campaigns that grow your business.

We’ve got a few different arrows in our marketing quiver to hit these marks.

 Big on Blogs

For example, we are big on blogs. Not just the kind that drive traffic. Ones that inform at the same time. Value added content is an important part of any SEO strategy. Google likes websites that have lots of content — good quality content that is.

High quality blogs that are written on a consistent basis. Those are two of the cornerstones of a successful marketing campaign. In other words, you’ll need to have quality and quantity to make a difference.

Good blogs start with the right topic. You can create posts after scanning the questions people have about your goods and services on social media.

Why Get a Website Audit?

We are the Toronto SEO company that can show you the clear path to success. More often than not that includes a website audit. Small businesses put websites together every day. Not all of them understand exactly how to get the most from this electronic business card.

That’s where one of these website audits comes in handy. There are tweaks and tools that get overlooked by even the most motivated small business owner. Making sure your keywords are used consistently and properly according to Google algorithms is important.

Taking a look at HTML header tags helps to signal search engines so you get better rankings. Then there’s content.

We’re the Toronto SEO Company That Knows Content is Still King

There is a minimum amount of words that you’ll need for your content. It has to be relevant and the long form is better to attract search engines. People reading your website don’t have a lot of time. They get the information they need in seconds and not minutes.

That’s why borrowing from traditional journalism and the inverted pyramid style is great. It gets the important parts of your message front and centre.

ATF Media succeeds when you do. We pride ourselves on custom solutions for businesses that are new to marketing and those that need to perform marketing tasks better. Get in touch with our Toronto SEO company today to learn more.