Are You Doing THIS in your Law Firm Marketing Plan?

Are You Doing THIS in your Law Firm Marketing Plan?

Why the ONE Thing that Will Ensure the Success of Your Law Firm Marketing Plan is a Loose Grip.

There are several powerful and strategic tactics your law firm marketing plan should commit regular and consistent time and effort to.

But in fact, the success of your entire marketing plan depends more on the loose grip with which you hold the reins driving that marketing plan than the plan itself.

What does that mean?

To be successful when marketing anything today, it is absolutely necessary to make changes when an analysis of the data demands it.


Why the Ability to Change Your Marketing Plan Equals Success

There are several reasons changing things up equals success in marketing. Here are three.


1. Ever-Serving: Adjusting for Data-driven Shades of Success

Analyzing your marketing efforts uncovers what is and what is not working, so you can adjust accordingly and be ever-serving your law firm is the biggest reason then you should hold your marketing plan in an open hand.

Scrutinizing your campaign will reveal the marketing plan tactics that have completely broken or incomplete processes.

Fix them and analyze them again down the road.

But it also highlights areas for improvement. These may include strategies that are technically functioning but not reaching and engaging your target audience.

Determine whether making changes to these strategies is worth it and do so – or abandon them altogether.

Finally, and most importantly, an analysis of your law firm’s marketing plan will demonstrate what is working, so you can adapt your plan to do more of whatever that is.


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2. Ever-Evolving: Making Room for Missed Opportunities

Also, analyzing your marketing efforts reveals opportunities you overlooked in your initial planning. Often times, these opportunities are website design or content related.

For example, if your analysis shows a handful of blogs about a certain topic outperform others,  build a pillar page on your website for that topic. Then, create a special offer to generate website leads from that page.

Be sure to make the page and the offer form socially shareable – that’s an opportunity, too.

Being ready to adapt your marketing strategy to fit new opportunities into your plan means your plan will be ever-evolving to include more value.


3. Ever-Relevant: Jumping on the Bandwagon of Changing Trends and Technology

Finally, there is really no telling what the next year will hold for the world at large and therefore the clients you hope to gain in it – not to mention how any of that will impact your law firm’s marketing.

The only certainties are that trends are a reality and technology improves and develops so quickly all you can anticipate is change.

To have a plan that is ever-relevant, be ready to take a tactic that is in your plan now and consider how to adapt it to work for on-page live chat, for example, in an effort to capture potential leads while they’re on your website.

Online courses are also a trend right now – and there is plenty of technology to support them. Maybe that blog post series about estate planning needs to become a basic online class. Or maybe it needs to be redeveloped as a video series.


First Steps for Analyzing to Change

Today, online tools like Google Analytics and Hubspot’s comprehensive marketing platform provide mountains of data to analyze.

Getting set up and organizing the data that is most relevant to your law firm is the first step.

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