Big Questions to Ask SEO Experts Toronto Candidates

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Finding the right SEO experts in Toronto can be the difference between big profits and crippling penalties from the search engines. Choosing the right company to work with is just as important as having the right staff and product lineup.

Here’s some big questions to ask any SEO experts in Toronto candidates.

How Will You Help My Rankings?

It’s good to get the big questions out of the way right away. Asking something this direct first will help you narrow down your choices by weeding out the SEO consultants who avoid the details. Candidates might not provide specific numbers, but they should be able to point to situations where they made a positive impact.

Don’t forget to ask specific questions about things like backlinks. Remember, a qualified expert will know the difference between the good and the bad ones.

Will You Inform Me When You Make Changes To My Website?

 As SEO Experts in Toronto with experience and dedication, we pride ourselves on a high level of transparency. Any company that you are considering partnering with should send you reports on a regular basis. Staying on top of any campaigns this way is a must have.

Will You Guarantee a Number One Ranking?

This is actually a trick question that can help you determine which Toronto seo experts to avoid. Any company that makes these claims is steering you down the garden path. Striving for page 1 rankings is always the goal, but it’s impossible to guarantee that honestly.

There are lots of other boxes that you want to check. It’s important to remember that SEO doesn’t work all by itself in a silo. It’s an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Interviewing Candidates

 When you are interviewing candidates, find out about their inbound marketing strategies that determine what kind of links you’ll get.

Remember, SEO folds into everything that you do when your marketing online. A good candidate here should have experience in the different tools like email marketing and PPC.

All roads lead to us when you’re looking for as SEO experts in Toronto that can help you with your bottom line. We have a team of experts that are dedicated to results. Our team leader has two decades of experience to help your small business reach its objectives.

Whether you are new to digital marketing or have some existing campaigns, our Toronto seo experts can help.