Here’s Some Techniques That Boost SEO Local Presence in Toronto

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Blog

SEO local presence in Toronto is important to get your goods and services out in front of your target market.  Research indicates that almost 80% of the disposable income in the United States is spent within 20 miles of a customer’s house. That number certainly applies to the Canadian market. 

Local Variety

First off, it’s important to remember that everything that applies to other kinds of SEO also works with the local variety. Factors you need to consider include:

  1. Making sure that your Contact Us page is in good order. That includes a phone number, full address and complete name of each of your brick-and-mortar and omni-channel locations.
  2. Making sure that you have a phone number that’s clearly visible on your website. It also needs to be clickable on any mobile devices or smart phones.
  3. Original content is important. You don’t want to add anything from manufacturers or authoritative websites. There’s only one exception here and that’s when you’re publishing a quote in your own content.
  4. The fact that images and videos are considered content too. You can even think about writing out transcriptions so they can be optimized.

SEO local presence in Toronto: The Ranking Signals

There are some signals that you need to pay attention to if you’re doing a local SEO audit. First off you need to claim your Google My Business page. It doesn’t take very long and the whole process is free. This is considered to be one of the most effective and simplest ways for getting local SEO results.

Next go to your account and check off the right categories. Here’s a helpful tip. You should choose as few as possible but make sure they are accurate.


It’s important to have good photos on this page. That includes pictures of your staff, your products and your locations. It’s great to have customers included with their permission. Having good photos lends credibility to your enterprise and they serve  as excellent ranking signals.

Don’t forget to include your business in online directories. The most popular ones include Apple Maps, Yellow Pages and Foursquare.

SEO local presence in Toronto also needs to include a presence on review sites like Angie’s list. You should include Yelp and the Better Business Bureau in this category.