Mobile Marketing is the Next Big Thing

Mobile marketing is the next big thing.  A whopping 49 percent of all adults in the US own smartphones, according to a recent Nielsen survey.  Those numbers will only go up.

Mobile marketing is not just for large corporations and established brands.  Startups and newcomers have just as many options as the big guys.  If you own a small business, mobile marketing should be your number one priority.

mobile-marketing-automationRead on to discover 9 ways to supercharge your mobile marketing efforts.

  1.  Set up digital coupons

Mobile marketing services like ShopKick allow you to set up geo-sensitive mobile coupons that become active the moment your customer walks into your shop.

  1.  Reward them for spreading the word

Yelp and Foursquare allow businesses to issue discounts for check-ins, social media shares and other types of interactions that help publicize your businesses.

  1.  Send out time sensitive deals

Shoppers love to procrastinate.  Light a fire under your customers and spur them to act by setting a time limit.  Embed a countdown clock to enhance your mobile offers.

  1.  Measure, optimize, repeat

You can’t just set up a mobile campaign and forget about it.  Go back and look at the numbers to identify any problem areas and make corrections.  Track customer activity across platforms.  The more you know about your marketing system, the more effective your future upgrades will be.

  1.  Optimize everything

In 2013, Amazon sent out millions of Black Friday emails that weren’t optimized for mobile devices.  That was a big mistake, because half of Amazon’s customers use their mobile devices to view special deals.  Everything you send your customer should be easy to read on small screens.

  1.  Give them a reason to download and use your app

A few years ago, Target came out with a mobile app.  Hardly anyone downloaded it.

The reason for the campaign’s failure turned out to be simple: Target’s marketing team didn’t give them a reason to act.  Target’s promotional literature mentioned the fact that the app was out, but didn’t provide a convincing reason to download it.

Use special discounts, loyalty programs, and effective CTAs to motivate your audience to download and use your mobile platform.

  1.  Streamline the signup process

bigstock-Sign-Up-Join-Login-Member-Netw-121009568_600xUnlike desktop computer users, smartphone shoppers don’t have a full sized keyboard to work with.  So, don’t ask them to fill in lengthy forms.  Instead, allow them to log in with their favorite social media accounts.

  1.  Help your customers find what they’re looking for

If you have an app that allows your shoppers to scan QR codes, make sure that those codes lead to useful information that can really help them make a purchase.  Too many QR codes direct customers towards irrelevant information.  Each QR code you use should have its own tailor-made landing page.

  1.  Reassure them that their personal information is safe

If you’re a small, growing brand one major stumbling block to overcome is lack of trust.  That’s why it’s crucial to reassure your customers that you won’t give their info to 3rd party advertisers and spam artists.  Provide a simple, direct privacy policy if you ask for any information.

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