5 Ways to Get the Most from PPC Advertising

When there are thousands of businesses promoting their services or products online, what will allow you to stand out from the crowd? 

Pay-per-click advertising can not only attract attention to your website, but it can make a difference by helping you convert customer interest into sales.

If you wish to see a difference in customer interest and sales, then you need to think outside of traditional advertising.

You can achieve this by focusing on conversions and by pursuing whatever method generates advertising clicks into sales.

1. First, Find Your Conversion Rate

To improve and grow your conversion rates, you must first figure out what your current rate is. 


If you divide the total number of conversions by the number of ad clicks you’re currently achieving and multiply the result by 100, it will give you your starting off point.

2. Have Your End Goal In Mind

Reverse your marketing perspective and focus on the results you want to achieve rather than the keywords you’re using. 

PPC campaigns commonly stem from a keyword strategy, but if you concentrate on the leads or sales you’d like to make and then move into your ads, advertising platforms, and keywords, you’ll have a stronger campaign.

Considering the angles from your customer’s perspective, rather than a numbers perspective, will help your campaign succeed.

3. Run Multiple Tests

It’s no longer enough to perform one test and be done. You need to test each element of your campaign and then test the results against the control to make sure they’re accurate. 

Since you’re using a scientifically proven method rather than estimates, you’ll be able to use these test results to enhance your conversion rates.

4. Build Proper Landing Pages

When it comes to a landing page, it can either work for you or against you. 


It’s essential that your landing page contains a strong call to action, easy to find buttons, a clean design, and informative text.

Adding high-quality images can help sell your service or products, which is why you should invest in a good design and images to include on your landing page.

5. Special Offers Can Grab Attention

Using special codes, coupons, or other offers can help entice customers to visit your website.

Without offering your target market a good reason to click on your add and to follow through on your landing page, you could be missing out on a potentially significant amount of business.

However, don’t make everything revolve around the offer as you may attract the wrong customers.

Customers who are only interested in the sale rather than your business and don’t promote customer loyalty.

This can result in customers taking their business elsewhere the second a new promotion comes along. Consequently, you could see a decrease in sales.

Getting Started with PPC Advertising

These are just a couple of the different ways to increase your conversion rates using PPC advertising.

If you’d like to find out more information, feel free to contact us at Above the Fold Media. We’d be happy to discuss further techniques to help you increase your conversion rates.