5 Simple Ways to Help Increase Customer Conversions

Is your bounce rate higher than it should be? If you follow these 5 conversion rate optimization (CRO)CRO techniques, you’ll be well on your way to improving your sales statistics.

1. Keep it simple

shutterstock_136867946-600x400If your website is complicated and busy, you’re losing money. Your site’s user interface should be clean and super easy to use. Is your ad copy unclear or too wordy? If a visitor has to climb over a wall of text to reach the “buy” button, they’ll probably give up before they get there.

2. Make a good first impression

A smart landing page redesign can transform an average website into a profitable cash cow. If your landing page is awesome, it will propel your visitors all the way to the end of the conversion process.

● Tighten up your headline.

Your landing page headline needs to be catchy and motivating. It should fill your visitors with curiosity.

● Tweak your proof points.

Your proof points should be highly visible, short sentences. Use bullet points, capital letters and/or bold print. Your proof points should erase any doubts about your product or service.

● Strengthen your Call to Action (CTA).

Your CTA should be bold, direct and easy to find. Effective CTAs are “knockout punch” sentences that inspire visitors to act.

● Obtain third party endorsements.

If you’re just getting started, lack of name recognition could be a stumbling block. Convince a popular brand, a trusted blogger or a well-known celebrity to vouch for your product or service–and then feature their recommendation on your landing page.

3. Harvest as much analytical data as you can

Knowledge is money. The more you know about your visitors, the more you can cater to their wants and needs. There are a wealth of tools you can use to track what your visitors do once they reach your site.

● Hotmaps and scrollmaps can help you find out where your visitors are clicking– and where they’re running into problems.

● Consider submitting your site to a user testing service. User testing services pay users to visit your site and provide feedback on it. User testing services can be a bit pricey, but the investment may be worth it. Feedback you receive can help you improve your conversion rate and boost your profits.

4. Optimize, optimize, optimize

If your site looks great on a web browser but looks like a mess on small screens, switch to a theme that looks good on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Another thing you should check is how long it takes for your site to load. Today’s web surfers aren’t going to wait around long. Consider cutting back on plugins, ads and embedded media if long page load times are an issue.

5. Add language options

Over the last ten years, the non-English web has grown exponentially. Which countries are your visitors coming from? If you have many foreign visitors, adding support for multiple languages can make a big difference in your conversion rate.

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