ATF Media leverages our lawyer marketing in Toronto experience to help your professional career. Are you in practise by yourself? Part of a small firm? Either way, we can help you overcome your marketing challenges and get to where you want to go.

Here’s how.

  • We offer an alternative to the big box services. Results matter the most. We get that. That’s why all of our marketing solutions are customized. Everything we do starts with a consultation to get the feel for what you need.
  • ATF Media does detailed research that pays off. Understanding your target market and formulating a marketing plan that works gives you a big advantage. We use social media and a variety of techniques to pinpoint your ideal clients. What’s more, we even narrow down the best times to engage with them.
  • The Toronto Lawyer marketing tactics we use are comprehensive. We use a variety of state-of-the-art innovative tools. Our on-page search engine optimization tightens up your pages. The combination of inbound marketing and lead generation techniques we use are proven. Pay per click advertising and client-centered blogging are just two more skills that we will leverage for your law firm.

Print, radio and television advertising are useful, but the digital transformation is here. Don’t waste your time advertising on a park bench. Lawyers want an ever-expanding list of clients. An ad on the radio is heard by thousands. But you’re lucky if one or two people follow through.

That’s not the case with the lawyer marketing in Toronto tools we use.  ATF Media creates hyper-focused digital advertising campaigns that target your clients. Online media puts your message in front of the right people at the right time.

Measurable Lawyer Marketing Toronto Tools 

Advertising on the local television station might get the word out. But there’s really no way to measure its effectiveness unless people walk through your front door. Not so with the digital world.

Tracking your ad campaign in real-time in the online world is possible. See what works and what doesn’t immediately and make changes on the fly.

It’s the benchmark for both cost-effectiveness and results.  Take a minute to check out the digital marketing packages for law firms that we offer. Along with a no-charge custom assessment, you’ll get new leads to boost your bottom line.

Organic traffic that converts into customers is always the number one priority of our Toronto lawyer marketing team.