Here’s A Few Ways To Fix Dipping Rankings from Your SEO Specialist in Toronto

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Blog, Local SEO Toronto | 0 comments

As an SEO specialist in Toronto team with years of experience, we dread that worst of all cases scenario.  It’s tough to see a website with rankings that are falling and corresponding traffic dwindling. However, there’s no need to panic when you check your SERPS and see a problem.

There are a few things that you can do to fix the issue like the following:

Check Those Algorithms

Small things can make a big difference where these are concerned. Here’s a helpful tip. There are two Google algorithms that are considered foundations. If you check for real-time updates with Penguin and Panda you can generally spot any big changes and adjust accordingly.

Here’s another way that you can tell there’s something on the horizon. When enough webmasters start to panic altogether, something big is happening.

Here’s another helpful tip from your SEO specialist in Toronto. The latest Google algorithm BERT is tough to optimize for. Most experts in the field are saying you just need to be writing really high level content on a constant basis.

Check Your Analytics

Google analytics gives you a lot of information that you can use if there’s been a dip in your traffic. Check out the following numbers and see if there’s any correlation to a change in the kind of content or the actual design of your site.

You might need to reverse those so your traffic bounces back.

Check Your Posts

This tip is more for a blog than a website. However there’s some pointers here that you can use for both. For example, find out if the search term you’re using in the content is falling and losing traction. The simple fix might be you need to update the post.

Take a look at the quality of the content itself. Take a good look and see if posts that are higher than yours in the SERPS are of a higher quality with better visuals and graphics.

Check Your Mobile Capabilities

There’s really no excuse for not having a good mobile experience in today’s competitive online world. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you might need to change a few things including getting rid of pop-ups and removing incompatible content

Finally, one of the other areas we focus on as an SEO specialist in Toronto are backlinks. You need to have quality examples that come from authority sites.