A Google AdWords Management in Ottawa Checklist for Success

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

Google AdWords Management in Ottawa includes PPC advertising. It’s the best way to get advertisements to appear on relevant websites and in applicable search engine results. Getting the most from your budget is a priority for all of our clients. That’s why we constantly optimize, test and monitor your campaigns. Unfortunately, poorly managed PPC campaigns can cost you money without offering any ROI.

Following is a checklist of the techniques we use to ensure your success.

Integrate Your Goals with Your Budget

We can help integrate your budget and goals. In order to combine these elements, we start by asking what you hope to accomplish with your online advertising dollar. Some clients want to drive more traffic to their websites. Others are more interested in getting local customers to call them.

You might even be looking to build brand awareness in a specific location or demographic.

Regardless of your goals, our Google AdWords Management in Ottawa professionals can help. Here’s some other useful information and boxes you can check.

Connect Ads and Analytics

Connecting Google Ads and Analytics accounts helps you to understand what customers do after they’ve clicked your ad. Google Ads can tell you the number of times your advertisements have been shown in searches. These are called ad impressions. However, you won’t know if any of those interactions lead to website conversions like customers buying or filling out a form.

That’s why we like to suggest blending these products. You’ll get a full picture of how well your campaigns are working. 

Tweak the Settings

Here’s some other advice that spells business success.

Local shop owners who want more visitors in their area should avoid wasting money on ads covering the entire country. Tweaking your ads so they appear to people in close proximity is a good way to spend your budgeting dollars.

Get the Most from Keywords

We understand how to get the most from the content too.

Using keywords containing three or more words is another technique to consider. Some of these key phrases can be less popular and obvious. The bonus is there will be less competition and a lower average cost-per-click.

Google Ads can help you search for long-tail keywords to suit your campaign.

Finally, here’s another box to check for success from our Google AdWords Management in Ottawa experts. Small businesses should always create campaigns focusing on sections of their website. For example, a plumbing website might have a campaign entitled: Bathroom Fixtures.