Sharing Buttons, An Easy Way to Connect

We see them everywhere, the little social sharing buttons on sites encouraging us to share the content. Do these buttons really work to increase social sharing? Can you use them to impact your business?

Here are several reasons why you should have social sharing buttons on your website.

It’s Easy!

product-bars-13fb95e9c34e29cafec576918c11cd37f7fb96f10a601632ff0e437a71233fbbFirst of all, sharing with the button is easy! It takes a few seconds and the visitor can share your content on any social media site they choose. Having social share buttons can drastically increase engagement because it encourages visitors to share with the simple click of a button.

Photo Credit: Tabsite

Extend Your Reach

When someone shares any of the content on your site, with their social circle, your reach is extended. Your content is now placed before an audience that you may not have been capable of reaching before the visitor clicked share. If someone else shares your content, as well, your reach is extended even further to more and more people.

Connect with People That Don’t Follow you

If someone just discovered your website and does not currently follow you, but likes your content and wants to share it to their own social, having these buttons is a great segway into developing a new online relationship with them. You can connect with them on the social network they used, and thank them for the share and suggest that they like your page for more great content.

Social Influence

When a person shares your content with their online network, the likelihood of engagement increases. People will naturally trust their friends and family more than a business. When they do not feel pressured to make a purchase, they might click on the shared content and engage more willingly.

The person that shared the content becomes an indirect advocate for your business because by sharing your content they say to their network that they trust and recommend your business.

Hopefully, these few tips will encourage you to use social sharing buttons. In no time, you could see an increase in engagement and more business at your door!

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