Improving Your CTR

Running a PPC campaign can be stressful enough as it is. Setting your budget, and perfecting your keywords are only the bare minimum when it comes to your ad. They might do the trick to help you rank well, but aren’t enough to get you the CTR you need.  Though your ad might have a top ranking position, your %CTR might still be zero. This means that you may be receiving a desirable amount of impressions each day, but you are not getting any conversions, or sales, from the campaign.

A low CTR will directly affect your Quality Score, and can mean that you’re paying more for your PPC campaign. Using Google AdWords with an ad that generates a high CTR will give you a higher Quality Score, which can mean an improved ad at a lower cost. Before you can work to improve your CTR, you need to go through your PPC campaign with a fine toothed comb to see where you problem lies.

Now that you know where the problem is, what can you do to increase your CTR?

Focus On Your Main Keyword

getting-better-click-through-ratesKeywords are what make your PPC campaign visible to your target audience. Of the list of keywords you have for your ad, choose the one that best represents your goal. Though it seems logical enough, use that keyword in your display URL. Part of the limited text you have for your ad includes your display URL. Doing this will increase your relevancy, and provide you with a higher chance of a conversion.

Include Distinct Call To Actions

Your ad should have a direct call to action to give your audience a reason to consider your business. Whether your end game is to generate more calls, sales, or even brand awareness, adding a clear call to action in your ad can increase your CTR. It will invite more visits, which will result in a higher conversion rate for you. Coupling call to actions with sitelink extensions can also give you the CTR you need, as it gives your audience direct access to where you want them to go.

Sell Your Stuff

If you have a promotion or special offer, make it the headline of your PPC campaign. Keep all of the keywords with the ad relevant to what you are promoting, so you don’t generate irrelevant clicks.By running a PPC campaign to advertise a specific product or promotion you are offering, you can target those who are looking for what you’re selling. If they like what you have, it can lead to return customers who will spread the word about your business, which is excellent news for your CTR.

Any PPC campaign can be difficult to start. The most important thing to do is be patient, and persistent in perfecting your landing page and keywords. Once you have a handle on the basics, all you need to do is rework the ad description to increase your CTR, and therefore your business.

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