o You Understand Search Analytics?

What do visitors do when they land on your site? Where do they click? How long does it take to load? Where is your traffic coming from? What kind of search terms are your visitors using to find you?

If you want to pull in more leads, increase your conversion rate and make more money you should be asking yourself these kinds of questions.

To get the answers, you need to understand search analytics. Read on to find out how to make sense of it all.

Is Your Site Useful?

It’s easy to get someone to click on a link or an ad.  But getting them to stay on your site once they get there… that requires effort.  

When visitors leave right away after viewing only one page of your site, your bounce rate goes up.  If your bounce rate is high, you could have a content quality issue.

Most people who visit business related sites are looking for useful information. If your site isn’t helpful, your visitors will quickly hit the back button.  

Is Your Site Annoying Your Visitors?

42-810x540Content isn’t always the cause behind high bounce rate figures.  Long page load times, confusing interfaces and other page design problems may be to blame.

Another way to seek out and destroy design problems is by installing a heat map tool.  A heat map shows you where users are clicking (and where they’re not clicking) after they land on your site.

Is Your Marketing Campaign Working?

Visitors that get to your site by typing your domain name into their browsers probably already know something about your business.  Every visitor who types in your site name without going through a search service first is recorded as a direct traffic hit.

If you’re pushing a new product or service, a flood of new direct traffic is very good news– it means that your new slogan or product name is catching on.  But if those figures are low, you need to do better.

Is Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Effective?

ppcPPC ad campaigns are very effective– but only if you know what you’re doing.  The first step is knowing how to interpret your reports.

A high Click Through Rate (CTR) means that your ad is effective– but unless visitors drawn in through the ad are buying your product, they might as well not have come in the first place.

Your Return on Investment (ROI) figure tells you what’s really going on with your PPC campaign.  If your ROI is low and you’re not making enough in sales to recoup your PPC campaign costs, your strategy needs tweaking.

You Can Always Do Better

When it comes to interpreting search analytics, critical thinking is a must.  Resist the urge to pat yourself on the back if you see a figure that you like.  

Focus on low numbers.  There’s always room to grow.  Any success can be scaled up and improved upon.

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