Law Firm Marketing 101: Use Your Blog to Capture New Clients

Blogging is one of the most important lead-generating marketing tactics law firms can employ today.

According to our partner Hubspot, companies who post 16 blogs or more each month receive 3.5 times more inbound traffic.

To leverage your blog and generate leads, your firm’s first step is to develop a content plan that addresses the topics, questions, and concerns your ideal clients are searching for on the web.

You should only ever write what your audience wants to read (or watch).

Note: If you already have a profile of the persona you are trying to reach, you are probably already familiar with their concerns. If you have not already defined the type of individual you would like to reach, don’t wait to figure that out. Here’s some help with getting started.

Use Different Forms of Media to Engage Readers

Though the blog was traditionally an avenue for the written word, today, visual is king.

According to Hubspot, by 2018, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video media, and that videos are 12 times more likely to be shared than photos and text-only posts combined.

One effective strategy would be to create several short videos responding to frequently asked questions about general topics to more specific case studies.

Not only will a blog visitor feel more comfortable reaching out after viewing videos like these, if done well, these videos could help to develop a stronger sense of rapport and trust than other types of content, potentially increasing the odds the prospect will convert into a client.

Most videos should be around 2 minutes or less in length. Consider adding a text-based introduction to your video above it, and a text-based conclusion below.

Don’t forget to use visuals in other ways. Buttons and banner links that encourage your readers to take an action (we call those ‘calls-to-actions’ in our industry) can also hook and engage potential clients.


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Content Promotion is 80 Percent

A content marketer’s rule of thumb in planning is the 80-20 rule. This rule states that content creation is only 20 percent of the work a marketer should perform. Promotion is 80.

Be sure to promote the content you develop across all streams of social media including such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter – and likely more than once.

When you do, be mindful of the client you are targeting.

For example, while nearly everyone is on Facebook, younger individuals will be engaging more on Instagram using photos and videos. Professionals will be using LinkedIn in a very particular way, and Twitter, by nature is conversational.

Your posts should always utilize links back to your blog to direct the reader back toward your website.

Keep It Fresh

Once you have traffic coming to your site, it will be essential to maintain the productivity that has already been created by your blog. Consider posting as often as twice a week with new content that is both relevant and interesting.

And remember, the internet is a directory. Even your old content is searchable and valuable – but not if it is out of date. So don’t forget to update older blog posts to keep them relevant.

Hubspot reports a 51 percent increase in traffic just by keeping their links updated and available to blog readers.

Grab Them While They’re There

One of the most foolproof ways to grab prospective clients while they are on your blog is an old tool made new – on-page chat. Think of it as an on-page consultation with a future client.

According to Kissmetrics, implementing a “Chat Now” button increased free signup form fills by 31 percent.

For this reason, on-page chat opens a door for conversation when the prospective client is most interested in your law firm’s services.

Don’t have time to wait for readers to land on your page? Don’t. Look for a virtual assistant company for help.

Need more ideas to use your blog to generate new clients for your law firm? Above the Fold Media works with law firms just like yours to do just that.

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