Law Firm Marketing 101: Social Media is a Swiss Army Knife

When it comes to law firm marketing, there are few digital tools more powerful than social media.

Why? Targeting.

Not unlike a Swiss Army knife, Facebook, in particular, has a feature that can connect you with just about any specified individual who uses its platform.

Its unique ability to target your ideal clients based on their city, career, and interests and hobbies – plus the ability to remarket your firm to individuals who have already visited your website – makes it an ideal place to spend some advertising dollars.

Consider the following:

1. Target Fans For Your Business Page + Social Proof

Turn your business page into a magnet. This tactic draws potential clients to it by suggesting it to people Facebook thinks (based on is algorithm) are likely to like your business. When you advertise your business page, all your potential clients have to do to become a fan of your page is click the “Like” button on the ad itself.

The type of individual you target will vary greatly based on the type of legal services you provide. For this reason, it is important that your law firm defines they type of individual it wants to target very specifically.

It is important to note that this tactic may not be equally successful for every area of legal practice. For example, if your law firm works focuses on divorce cases, it may not see as many “likes” or “fans.” Don’t be discouraged. There are other tools your firm can use!


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Added Bonus: Social Proof

But the best part of this tactic is “social proof.” Not only can you target individuals like those who are already your fans, when you boost your page to get more likes, Facebook will display the prospective client’s Facebook friends who already like your page, proving that, by association you are in fact a business worth liking.

2. Promote Published Content to Readers + Shareability  

Saw through the noise. This tactic cuts through all the other Facebook posts, videos, blog posts, and special offers your potential clients are seeing on Facebook and puts your content in front of people who will read it.

For example, your law firm can promote a blog article about legal issues facing families to mothers with young children, so, instead of being buried in all the noise of social media, the content will be prioritized in their newsfeeds increasing the likelihood that they’ll read it.

Added Bonus: Shareability

The best part about promoting your content on social media is not only can you target the individuals you want to read it, but you’re putting it on a platform that thrives on sharing. All your readers have to do to share your content is simply click the “Share” button, and your content will dramatically increase its reach.

It’s important to note, too, that Facebook’s advertising now translates to Instagram. If your firm hopes to target Millennials, you’ll want to consider the benefits of this!

3. Segment Paid Advertisements by Service + Remarketing

Just like turning a wrench, applying this tactic tightens your advertising efforts down by allowing your law firm to segment the types of individuals you are trying to reach based on the service you offer.

For example, your law firm can develop an advertisement for a free will and testament evaluation to target one type of individual based on their demographic information.

Added Bonus: Remarketing

Now, Facebook offers remarketing, allowing its advertisers to advertise to individuals who have previously visited their websites. This feature takes the Swiss Army analogy to another level. Remarketing makes Facebook a power tool, allowing law firms to connect a second and third time with prospective clients who are further down the sales funnel than before.

How to get started:

First, it is important that you make at least a loose plan. Facebook’s ad platform is very forgiving, and you can edit your campaign at any time, but you should know who you want to target, how much you want to spend, and how long you want your law firm’s social ad to run in total.

Then follow these steps, as outlined by Facebook:

  1. Navigate to your Facebook business page.
  2. Click the Promote button, and then select the option “Promote your Page.”
  3. Click “Create New Audience” and adjust the gender, age, location, interests, demographics, and behavior features to target the type of individual you’ve determined would make an ideal client for your law firm.
  4. If you are also on Instagram, your accounts are linked and you can cross-advertise. If you don’t want to do this, be sure to deselect the “Run Promotion on Instagram.”
  5. Set your budget, and review your method of payment.
  6. You can adjust your advertisement’s total duration indirectly by using the dropdown below “Total Budget.” This will end your campaign when your budget maxes out.
  7. Click Promote.

Again, you can get the full breakdown of steps with links and such on Facebook here.

Do you need help defining the type of individual your law firm feels make the best clients? Above the Fold Media can help. We are experts in digging deep to define the target audiences you can reach on social media.

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