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In this series of articles, we’ll discuss how your law firm marketing strategy can benefit from obtaining SEO services, participating in pay-per-click advertising, improving local search rankings, implementing a content marketing plan and how lawyers can grow their law firms with these marketing strategies.

Our previous article covered how to improve your local search rankings. Next, we’ll address how important content marketing is for your law firm.

While many major firms are racing to adopt content marketing as part of their law firm’s marketing strategy, a majority of legal practices have yet to take on content development as a part of their firm’s marketing plan – and for good reason. There are a number of legitimate concerns lawyers face when determining their firm’s marketing strategy, but there is also a solution.

Legitimate Concerns About Content Marketing for Law Firms

Some of the major, and legitimate concerns content marketing cause lawyers include lawsuits against the firm itself, the stigma of over-advertising, and the time commitment required.

While content marketing tactics, like blogs, are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice, if not planned and written carefully (and, importantly, without the inclusion of a disclaimer), they are certainly in danger of being interpreted that way. Additionally, the misrepresentation and publication of inaccurate information could also lead to lawsuits.

The long-lived industry stigma around over-advertising a law practice is also a concern for lawyers. In the past, law firm advertising found itself facing the U.S. Supreme Court, and today, some local bar associations still try to regulate how lawyers advertise. The general consensus among legal professionals is advertising diminishes the professionalism, though many recognize it is necessary.

Finally, to be done well (and legally), content marketing takes time. For many smaller law firms, where every billable hour counts, time is a luxury that needs to be spent on existing clients. It simply cannot be spent on content development.

And these are just a few concerns. (Feel free to share your concerns in the comments below – we want to know!)

How a Marketing Company Can Help Your Firm

Companies that often handle law firm marketing should be considered consulting partners when it comes to your marketing. These organizations are aware of the concerns lawyers face when determining how to promote their law practices, especially when it comes to content marketing. They will work with your firm to ensure your content marketing plan is legal, tasteful and efficient.

Blogging, for example, is a popular content marketing strategy adopted by many firms across all areas of legal practice. When you hire a marketing company to support your firm’s content marketing strategy, you will work closely with a dedicated account manager who will help your firm’s marketing representative develop and approve blog titles, drafts and calls-to-action, or next steps for potential clients to take to access your firm’s services. They will also help ensure the language of each blog is clear, factually accurate, and include disclaimer text.

(Note, your firm will approve all final drafts, and therefore in the end, will be responsible for the content itself. Your firm will still want to be sure to proofread and fact-check the content that is developed for your organization.)

Additionally, a marketing company can help your firm develop what the copywriting industry calls “voice.” Voice is the tone in which your blog articles (and other content) will be written. It can be colloquial and friendly or crisp and clear. Angle is another consideration a marketing company can help your legal practice with. Do you want to be seen as a thought leader and not an ambulance chaser? The marketing company you partner with should be able to help you with this when establishing the content marketing strategy for your law firm.

Finally, hiring a marketing company to support your firm’s content marketing is outsourcing at its best. Your firm will still have to spend time interfacing with a representative from the marketing company – and for quality control, it should want to – but it will not be responsible for the time, commitment and consistency required to manage a blog, for example.

If you are ready to move forward with a content marketing for your law firm strategy, please reach out. Above the Fold Media works with several legal practices, and is ready to partner with your organization today.


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