Looking for an Ottawa SEO Agency? Learn about the Latest Algorithm Update DeepRank

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

Above The Fold is an Ottawa SEO Agency that wants our clients to be informed. Getting your business a good ranking on the search engines is just one thing we do well. Helping you understand the latest innovations like the DeepRank algorithm update, or BERT as it was called internally, helps you to understand how we work.

Here’s a few more things that you need to know about this important development. The latest algorithm called DeepRank got launch approval and has been live in Google search since October of last year, we’ve done a little homework were able to find out that Deep Rank and BERT are in fact the same thing.

Every Single Query

It’s important to your business because when it was initially launched, it only worked on 10% of the queries. One year later, it’s not just live, it works on almost every single query your target market conducts.

Why BERT Matters To This Ottawa SEO Agency and You

if you’re a business wondering why this innovation is so important, we have the answer. BERT is the force behind almost all English based queries done on Google Search. Another important development came in December of last year when Google expanded the algorithm to cover over 70 different languages.

There were other improvements including the fact this search engine has enhanced results on what they call specific searches by 7 percent.  Relevancy of search results is the end goal. It’s the whole reason BERT was designed.

Simply put—It goes a long way refining search results by helping them to better understand the content on different webpages.

Long Story Short

The long story short is Google is using machine learning and AI techniques to improve not only search results but the answers your clients and prospects get for broad searches.

There were some other search updates announced including a big advancement in spelling through the new algorithm . Google Maps has also updated with an expansion of the information under ‘busyness.’  There’s also a new technology that automatically updates details like store hours and take out options on Maps and Search.

We are a leading digital marketing agency that stays on top of all of the latest SEO developments. As an Ottawa SEO Agency that’s industry leading, we are always looking for ways to bump up your bottom line.