Here’s Why You Need SEO Local Search in Ottawa Working for You

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

People come to us asking about SEO local search in Ottawa. They hear the term and want to know what it is and why they need it for their business. We tell them the answer is simple. Customers use local searches to find businesses in their communities.

Many of these potential customers are looking for a specific business by name. Others don’t have that detail when they begin to look for goods and services. It’s an important way to connect with local clients. Here are a few other reasons why you need this technique working for you.

Local Searches Have High Success Rates

A local search strategy has a high conversion rate. This means you will sell more of the goods and services you have to offer when you use one. Some research claims you’ll get an 80% conversion rate by using local search techniques.

An online local directory is one method that works well. Getting your business listed on as many credible directories as possible means converting leads into sales.

SEO Local Search in Ottawa Works With Mobile

If you are using a website to sell products in today’s e-commerce world, you need to focus on mobile capabilities. Currently, mobile searches on tablets and smart phones exceed both laptop and desk searches. Putting together a Google My Business Profile with local search engine optimization is critical.

More research points to the fact mobile shoppers make quicker decisions about the goods and services they want to buy. This factor needs to be taken into account.

SEO Local Search Attracts Positive Reviews

These techniques put your company at the forefront of potential buyers in your community who write reviews. Reviews are important to help your rankings and drive leads and conversions. The statistics tell the real story here. Data shows us 90% of potential buyers read online reviews before visiting either a brick-and-mortar or e-commerce business.

Another convincing stat reveals customers are willing to spend 30% more to purchase from a company with positive reviews.

Even a business without a website can benefit from the methods we use to attract your target market. Book an appointment to learn how we can assist you with these SEO local search in Ottawa techniques. Above the Fold Media can help with this important part of your branding and marketing efforts.