New Ranking Factors From Your Ottawa SEO Company

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

Above The Fold Media is the Ottawa SEO company that stays on top of current search engine optimization trends for our clients. The latest is the DeepRank algorithm that tweaks the way searches work and affects how your business gets rankings.

Here’s what you need to know.

As you might have already heard, there is a move towards AI and machine learning in the online world. DeepRank builds on the work that Google’s already done around machine learning and adds some natural language processing tweaks.

Natural language processing is important because it allows people looking for your goods and services to enter actual questions. Think of the way people ask each other questions in a text message. This is important for small businesses because it allows searches to be more specific.

As an industry leading search engine, Google has been working on this natural language processing for two decades. It started by correcting spelling and providing understanding synonyms. Natural language processing is important to small businesses for several other reasons.

  • It provides business insights that weren’t previously available. This new innovation allows for in-depth insights. It can actually extract things like the thought process, emotions and feelings of your target market.
  • In some cases, natural language processing can even be used to translate one language into another.

What Our Ottawa SEO Company Provides Through DeepRank.

The DeepRank algorithm represents a signal  Google Search is using to understand relationships between terms that humans use. The bottom line is it’s designed to make your target markets searches more intuitive than they were before. DeepRank goes a long way to increasing exposure for your goods and services.

It also matters because your target market can phrase their searches naturally. This new algorithm allows these search engines to understand the subtleties of questions like:

“What kind of software is good for invoicing?”

Natural language processing leverages the value of your company since it increases customer loyalty. There are many different techniques that companies can view like sentiment analysis to gain insights on customer moods as they interact with your SMB.

Here at Above The Fold Media, we look at and work on your individual goals and challenges.. We have thorough marketing plans that develop strategies that are personal. The end result is making sure that your business is successful. We are the Ottawa SEO company that stays on top of all the recent trends