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We are passionate about digital marketing – some might even call us fanatics. But it’s not a bad thing. In fact, our passion for digital marketing translates into great returns for the clients we are dedicated to serving.

The best news? The clients we passionately serve are people just like you!

Case Study

Triton Increases Revenue by 300% with Above the Fold Media

Located in Toronto, Canada’s premier Background Check company performs fast, easy, and secure criminal background checks for employers and individuals. But in February 2015, Triton hired Above the Fold Media to evaluate its digital marketing efforts.


Law Firm Marketing Trends: What to Prioritize in Your Plan


Law Firm Marketing 101: Use Your Blog to Capture New Clients

LAW FIRM MARKETING 101: USE YOUR BLOG TO CAPTURE NEW CLIENTS Blogging is one of the most important lead-generating marketing tactics law firms can employ today. According to our partner Hubspot, companies who post 16 blogs or more each month receive 3.5 times more...

Law Firm Marketing 101: Social Media is a Swiss Army Knife

LAW FIRM MARKETING 101: SOCIAL MEDIA IS A SWISS ARMY KNIFE When it comes to law firm marketing, there are few digital tools more powerful than social media. Why? Targeting. Not unlike a Swiss Army knife, Facebook, in particular, has a feature that can connect you with...

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