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We are passionate about digital marketing – some might even call us fanatics. But it’s not a bad thing. In fact, our passion for digital marketing translates into great returns for the clients we are dedicated to serving.

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Case Study

Triton Increases Revenue by 300% with Above the Fold Media

Located in Toronto, Canada’s premier Background Check company performs fast, easy, and secure criminal background checks for employers and individuals. But in February 2015, Triton hired Above the Fold Media to evaluate its digital marketing efforts.


The Ultimate SEO On-Page Optimization in Ottawa Checklist

SEO On-page Optimization in Ottawa is important because it will help to reveal any problems with your website’s SEO. They get addressed afterward so you can start ranking and bringing in new customers.  Here’s a checklist of the optimization strategies that will help...

SEO Local Presence in Toronto Tips That Work Wonders

Getting an SEO local presence in Toronto is important given the competitive nature of the SERPS there. Here are some excellent tips to help you accomplish that goal. Optimizing for Google My Business is an important first step. This is the top of the ladder when it...

SEO Specialist In Ottawa Image Tips

A good SEO Specialist In Ottawa looks after all of the details. That includes optimizing images. Some business owners download pictures from stock photography sites and upload them. Without the right optimization, these slow your website’s loading speed down. They...

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