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We are passionate about digital marketing – some might even call us fanatics. But it’s not a bad thing. In fact, our passion for digital marketing translates into great returns for the clients we are dedicated to serving.

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Case Study

Triton Increases Revenue by 300% with Above the Fold Media

Located in Toronto, Canada’s premier Background Check company performs fast, easy, and secure criminal background checks for employers and individuals. But in February 2015, Triton hired Above the Fold Media to evaluate its digital marketing efforts.


SEO Site Content in Toronto Tips For Homepage Design

Effective SEO Site Content in Toronto starts with an excellent homepage.  This is the part of the website that’s responsible for drawing in a lot of the traffic. Still, many small businesses don’t have it optimized properly. Here’s a few tips for homepage design. Take...

SEO Site Audit in Toronto Basics You Need To Know About

An SEO site Audit in Toronto comes in handy if you’re looking to put together a search engine optimization campaign or a full website redesign. Auditing any website helps to determine if it’s optimized for maximum traffic. You’ll be able to see where you can improve...

Here’s Some Techniques That Boost SEO Local Presence in Toronto

SEO local presence in Toronto is important to get your goods and services out in front of your target market.  Research indicates that almost 80% of the disposable income in the United States is spent within 20 miles of a customer’s house. That number certainly...

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