PPC Marketing

No one likes ads. We switch TV and radio channels when an ad comes on or pay extra for Netflix and satellite radio to avoid them entirely.

Why should we feel any different about PPC?

Paid advertisements, such as PPC, have been viewed negatively by many consumers. They interrupt what we’re searching for and cause irritation.

Many business owners avoid PPC because of this unfavourable association.

Part of this negative connotation is also due to the cost. It’s easy to overbid and overpay for clicks when the campaign is not orchestrated properly.

PPC doesn’t have to be this dirty word, as many of us have come to believe. With the proper use of PPC, your business can see significant growth and profit.

What is PPC?

By now most of us are familiar with ads showing up at the top of Google search results. These are PPC or Pay-per-click advertisements. Businesses use this form of paid online marketing to generate visits to their website. Instead of acquiring visitors organically, the company will pay for every click/page visit received through the ad.

PPC provides a platform for businesses to sell their product and services with prime real estate. Back in the day, getting an ad on the first page of the Toronto Star was out of many businesses reach because of their budgets. PPC is pull advertising, as you’re presenting you ad in front of businesses and consumers who are directly looking to buy what you have to offer.

How to use PPC properly

When creating a PPC campaign you must establish an end goal. What do you hope to achieve? How much are you willing to spend to reach this objective?

By establishing goals you, as a business owner, can track your successes and evaluate if changes should be made.

The best way to use a PPC campaign is to sell or promote a product/service.

Which ad catches your eye more:

NEW Snowblowers for Sale


10% off all NEW Snowblowers

Everyone likes a deal so you should use this to your advantage through a PPC campaign.

When advertising with PPC, focus on the benefit that the click provides. Demonstrate in a short title and description why your ad is worth visiting.

If you’re still apprehensive about PPC, try it with a small budget and track your results. You may be surprised by the payoff.

With the right strategy and content, PPC can change from a bad word to more profit in your pocket! If you’re curious about how we can help your business grow, check out these examples from our satisfied clients.