SEO Agency in Ottawa Advice on Duplicate Content

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

Our SEO agency in Ottawa is always on the lookout for those things that can affect your page ranking both positively and in a negative fashion. Duplicate content can hurt your rankings and even get you penalized by Google.

Simply put, it’s content appearing on the web in several places. Here’s a few things that you need to know and what needs to be done about duplicate content.

This type of issue can cause problems for the search engines in three different ways.

  • First and foremost, duplicate content confuses the search engines because they don’t know which version ranks for search results.
  • They don’t understand where to award the link metrics either. For example, the same search engines aren’t sure which page to attribute metrics like anchor text, authority and trust to.
  • Finally, search engines don’t understand which version of the content should be excluded or included from their indexes.

SEO Agency in Ottawa Methods for Dealing with Duplicate Content

Of course staying away from duplicate content is the main goal of any digital marketing advertising agency like ours. Here are a few of the methods that we use to accomplish that aim.

  • Making sure that all of your internal links are consistent throughout a website is a good way to stay away from this issue.
  • If the content is being syndicated, it’s important to make sure the website that syndicating it has a link back to the original article or blog. It’s important there is no variation on the URL here.

There are some other solutions like adding a no index meta tag to every one of the pages that has duplicate content on it. This will in fact keep them off any search engine index completely. Keep in mind that even if there are no direct links internally, the search engines can find some of these pages without a no index meta tag.

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