Five Reasons Why Your SEO Link Building in Ottawa Efforts Misfire

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

SEO Link Building in Ottawa is one of the more valuable tools you need in your online marketing arsenal. You cannot overlook the direct correlation between good organic search rankings and the number of links you have.

Things have changed over the years. It’s not good enough to put as many links as you can on external pages anymore. Spamming will put you in Google’s penalty box. You also need good links from credible, relevant sources.

If you are having trouble with this aspect of marketing, we’ve assembled five reasons why your link building efforts misfire. Avoid these practices or stop them now if you’re using them.  

Your Anchor Text is Over Optimized

Your anchor text is a part of any SEO strategy that can help with your search rankings. However, if you abuse these clickable text links, Google can actually penalize your website. Having a variety of these text links with an assortment of anchor text is a much better route.

Think diversity.

Your Links Are Not Relevant

Your links also need to be relevant. For example, if your website involves the financial services sector, getting links from a plumbing website is nonproductive. Here is a quick hint to help you get this right. Search engines determine relevance by matching a website’s content with the search term used.

You Have Broken Links

Above the Fold Media SEO Link Building in Ottawa services looks after all the details including fixing any broken links. There are various reasons why a backlink stops working. For example, the website you are linking to could be closed permanently. Perhaps the page you used for the link was deleted. It is even possible the webmaster on the other website decided to remove your links.

You Only Link to The Homepage

As previously mentioned, a good link building strategy is about diversity. Links which only point to your homepage look spammy and otherwise suspicious to the search engines.

You are Not Looking at The Big Picture

Link building increases your ranking, but you need to consider the big picture including other search engine optimization techniques. Making your website mobile friendly and producing high quality content are two other areas that deserve attention. These other factors should balance and work with SEO Link Building in Ottawa. Get in touch with us today to learn more.