SEO Local Presence in Toronto Tips That Work Wonders

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Blog

Getting an SEO local presence in Toronto is important given the competitive nature of the SERPS there. Here are some excellent tips to help you accomplish that goal.

  • Optimizing for Google My Business is an important first step. This is the top of the ladder when it comes to local search. You need to put together and have your Google My Business page verified. Engaging visitors and customers so they share reviews online helps. You should also respond to any of these and specify your location.
  • Getting a local search template or platform is good. Using one of these tools makes it easier to manage the listings you have. These platforms help to get your phone number, name and address listed across literally hundreds of local search engines as well as directories.

Here’s a few other things that can improve your SEO local presence in Toronto.

Amp Up Your Internal Linking Structure

External links are an excellent way to boost your local SEO. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your internal linking structure. Making sure this works well does several things including supporting great website navigation.

Having a good internal linking structure also helps with website hierarchy and information architecture. Getting this right also helps distribute your page authority and ranking power evenly.

One of the first steps to accomplish this goal is create lots of good quality content.

Structured Data Helps

Structured data helps the search engines understand your content. It can also help increase conversions, clicks and impressions. All of this applies to your local search. That’s why you should use different types of structured data like reviews and postal addresses to help boost your performance.

Add A Local SEO Site Audit

There’s more work to do after you put all the fundamentals together. SEO is an ongoing process. The site audit is a great way to see where you are and what areas you need to work on. A local SEO site audit should include some of the following.

  • Make sure the information is accurate for your Google My Business. Check it out in the SERPS and make any changes as necessary.
  • Check all of your citations in the industry leading business directories to make sure they are accurate.
  • Do an On-Page SEO site audit to make sure that you have all the efficient tools in place.

 Your SEO local presence in Toronto should include a series of local landing pages as well.