Don’t Forget To Check These SEO Site Audit in Toronto Boxes

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Blog

An SEO site audit in Toronto is specifically designed to uncover the problems that’s preventing your website from ranking the way it should. Here’s a few things you should be looking for.

An SSL Certificate

These are important for e-commerce websites that are selling goods and services. This is a part of your website code providing security for online communications of different sorts. These keep Internet transactions private as they travel across the Web. They are important to gain the confidence of customers who need to enter personal data like credit card numbers or financial account numbers.

Look for “https” at the beginning of the URL and a padlock icon. 

Optimized Images

If you sell a lot of products, you might have images on your website that have a large file size. These can actually slow down your page loading time and cost you sales.  Keep in mind WordPress can now automatically resize images that are uploaded to its media library. This allows some browsers to choose the most appropriate size while ignoring others.

Mobile Responsiveness

Any SEO site audit in Toronto team understands that mobile optimization is a must-have for e-commerce businesses. In fact, mobile first indexing for new web domains is the default position insisted on by Google since July 1, 2019.

There are a few things to look for here like how well your content scrolls on any smart phone. Make sure that any videos that you have on your website are compatible with these devices.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a big problem from a search engine perspective. There are two kinds you’ll need to be looking for. Off-site duplicate content happens when several websites publish exactly the same text. On-site duplication happens when the same content shows up in different unique URLs on your own website.

Understanding why this is a big issue is easy. Unique content on your website places you head and shoulders above the competition. That’s not the case when you’re website has the same content as someone competing in the same space.

Here’s another way to look at it from an SEO site audit in Toronto perspective.  Unique content has the best chance of being discovered by Google searches because it has the highest authority signals.

Watch out for third-party text that gets republished on your website. Manufacturer’s product descriptions are one of the biggest offenders here.