SEO Specialist In Ottawa Image Tips

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Blog

A good SEO Specialist In Ottawa looks after all of the details. That includes optimizing images. Some business owners download pictures from stock photography sites and upload them. Without the right optimization, these slow your website’s loading speed down. They need to be optimized so the search engines can read them.

Here’s a few tips to get that done.  

  • Choosing the right format is at the top of the list. There are many different varieties to pick from but JPEG and PNG are the common ones. PNG supplies superior quality images. However, these come with a larger file size that can be more difficult to work with. JPEG is much easier to adjust.
  • Don’t forget to include Alt Tags. These are designed to describe the image with as much detail as possible. Be specific. This will help your ranking on Google image search. These tags also need to be relevant. Don’t use exact match keywords. A good SEO Specialist In Ottawa will describe images using these.
  • It’s important to pay attention to copyright when you are using an image. Think you can get away with using any you find? Think again. There is a Digital Millennium Copyright Act that can issue a takedown order you need to comply with.

Here’s a few other things to keep in mind when you’re looking to get the most from your pictures.

Stock imagery is good but you can look unoriginal if you use too many of these photos. Look around the Internet. You’ll see thousands of sites that only use stock pictures and wind up looking blasé . Stock images can be optimized perfectly. However they don’t have the same SEO juice as a high quality original choice.

Original pictures equal a better experience for your visitors. That means you get better odds of good rankings on relevant searches.

Mobile Friendly Images

You need to optimize all of your pics for mobile. They need to scale with a variety of different sites like the ones on a desktop or smart phone. The best images can scale to the size of these devices.

Image optimization is one of the best ways to boost your site’s page speed score. Remember the larger images take longer when downloading. That in turn slows down any websites loading time. Reducing  file sizes can help. If you are using WordPress to size your pictures, check out the plug-ins.

We are the SEO Specialist In Ottawa that can create a dedicated sitemap that includes URLs for images.