SEO Specialist in Toronto Tips for Internal Linking

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Blog

As an SEO Specialist in Toronto, we understand explaining what we do in simple terms is important so clients get the benefits. Experts tend to focus on things like Google algorithm updates and SEO site audits. Sometimes that means that the more important fundamental tools can get overlooked.

That’s why we put together a blog on internal linking in clear language.

Why It Matters

Crawler bots are the tools that Google uses to navigate a website and look through the content to find out what the pages and website are about. They index these pages accordingly as they go through them. These bots are slowed down by any website that doesn’t have good internal linking.

If you don’t have good content that isn’t updated regularly internal linking won’t work.

Here’s a few other things you’ll want to avoid.

  • Never create a footer at the bottom of a webpage that’s full of keyword links. It’s not relevant and obvious that you’re only trying to get a ranking.
  • Watch out for spamming links to that are only designed to highlight the keyword. Tie them to your brand. It’s a much better practice that makes sense to both your clients and the Google bots.

SEO Specialist in Toronto Internal Link Tips You Can Use

It’s important to make sure that your links point to content heavy pages. For example, if you take the trouble to write a 1000 word blog post you shouldn’t point it to the contact page. Pointing links from content heavy page to content heavy page makes more sense. Think about using each link as a way to add value for the reader.

Updating and auditing them is important too. Schedule a time to go back and look at old articles and add new information and links. Doing this serves two different purposes.

  • It alerts Google to the fact the page needs to be crawled again. That means it will get reindexed and your rankings can increase.
  • Updating your content also provides current information to your prospects and readers.

Here’s an SEO Specialist in Toronto tip you can use.  Lead to a bare minimum of four old articles and every new post. Finally, don’t go overboard. You can confuse and overwhelm your readers with too many links and your post will wind up looking spammy.  Think about link placement carefully and only put them in the right spots where they will benefit your websites visitors.