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Whether you are new to search engine optimization or have a plan underway, sometimes the best starting place is a conversation with an expert at Toronto SEO Agency.

In addition to its comprehensive SEO services, Above the Fold Media offers SEO consultations for businesses that hope to improve their search friendliness. Evaluate the potential role of SEO in your digital marketing plan.

Talking with an SEO specialist in Toronto is always a good jumping off point. It doesn’t matter whether your brand-new in the search engine optimization e-commerce game or tweaking an existing plan in Toronto either. Being able to touch base with a consultant is just one of the many advantages we offer here at Above the Fold Media.

We have extensive and comprehensive SEO Specialist Toronto services that are sure to get your business to where it needs to go. The role of search engine optimization in any comprehensive digital marketing plan is important and critical. Let us help you find the right place for this innovative arrow in your business quiver.

The Cornerstone

Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of every successful digital marketing plan. It’s the scaffolding that any other type of marketing endeavour is built on. Any other kind of marketing technique won’t be nearly as successful without this digital footing.

Increasing profits is the bottom line. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brick-and-mortar enterprise with an online presence or an e-commerce venture. Making sure your business trajectory points upwards is what we do with a variety of the finest search engine optimization techniques in Edmonton.

Competitive Edge 

Let us help you with SEO that can steer your marketing ship. We specialize in making sure that you utilize the tools that can increase your ranking and give you the competitive edge.

Above the Fold’s SEO specialists understand success with this particular tool is about much more than just getting the right keyword. We understand that this is an evolving field. That’s why we stay on top of all the latest innovations and algorithms to better suit our ever-expanding client base.

Our SEO Specialist Team 

Dedication and commitment. Those are two of the words that we hear closely associated with our SEO specialist Toronto team. We make it our job to drive traffic to your website that converts into sales. Helping you reach your full business potential is what this aspect of Above the Fold Media is dedicated to.

Customer Testimonials 

Why not take a few minutes to look through our website at the customer testimonials from businesses just like yours? These are the folks that have used this developmental service and found that it exceeded expectations and increased ROI.

We are here when you need someone to talk to. Above the Fold Media has the expertise and Toronto SEO specialist know how to get you the results you are looking for. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation from one of our search engine optimization specialists.

The Role of SEO In Your Digital Marketing Plan


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Search engine optimization is a foundational, digital marketing tactic. Not only does it support the weight of a comprehensive marketing plan, without it, other marketing tactics may not be as productive on their own. Above the Fold Media recommends companies prioritize search engine optimization when evaluating their marketing strategies.


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With over 35 years of experience, 165 staff members, and five locations across Canada, Personal Injury Law Firm is a leader in personal injury law. As a result of being in a very competitive area of law and a drop in search engine rankings over the last year, the firm reached out to Above the Fold Media for an aggressive plan to put them back on top.


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