How Soon is Too Soon?

Running a pay per click (or PPC) campaign is useful to promote your business, or special offers within it. But in the grand scheme of your marketing strategy, how do you know when to incorporate PPC advertising to your campaign?

When establishing your business marketing strategy, there are a few factors that need to be considered. You need to know where your company’
s strengths and weaknesses are, as well as figure out what opportunities can arise from them. After building your outline based upon weaknesses to be improved, you need to know your clientele.

shutterstock_280374944Before creating a PPC campaign, you need to ensure that you know your target audience, you’ve found a voice to interact with them, and you have an established set of products and/or services to provide. Once your website is finalized, and optimized, with your brand enacted, you can start to plan your PPC campaign.

One of the most important things about PPC campaigns is having a successful landing page. It is the page that potential customers will initially see when finding out about your company for the first time. Without an optimized website, what they see will not likely impress them, and will result in a loss of sales for you. Also crucial is creating landing pages that speak specifically to the keyword used and having that keyword in the URL. This will increase click-through rates (CTR) . For example, a person searching for “Blue Jays Hats” is more likely to click on an Ad that contains “Blue Jays Hats” in the Ad copy and in the URL (relevancy, relevancy, relevancy).

If your website looks good, but the content is sub-par, starting a PPC campaign may generate clicks to your website, but no conversions will be made from them. If your products or services are not displayed clearly in the landing page, your target audience will not know what to make of your business.

PPC is a great asset to any marketing strategy, but can only be introduced when you’ve finessed the background details that will be linked from your campaign. As soon as your website is perfected, and your brand is exactly where you need it to be, running a PPC campaign should be your next step. It is one online marketing strategy that will provide an ROI, that won’t charge you until the campaign generates traffic.

When integrated into your marketing strategy at the right time, a PPC campaign can give you a high conversion rate per click. If used well, it can also help your SEO strategy. You’ll be able to see which keywords work well for your business, and which ones are better off as negatives. As long as you have the budget to maintain your campaign for a few months, your PPC can be the most successful part of your marketing strategy.

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