Survey Says Business Owners Need Help Understanding Search Rankings

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A recent survey revealed 25% of the business owners polled had no idea how Google ranks their websites and businesses. What’s more, of the almost 400 business owners surveyed 1 in 4 knew nothing or very little about SEO.

The numbers were reported in a recent issue of the Search Engine Journal. Fractl carried out the survey which gathered the responses from 900 Americans, almost 400 of which were small business owners.

Why This Matters

These results are important because 70% of business owners in the same survey said SEO was important to their bottom line. Understanding what these tools can do for you the hands of the right professionals is as important as the goods and services you sell. The bottom line here is small businesses need to have more knowledge about these techniques.

How the Rankings Work

 ATF Media is proud of being a transparent Toronto SEO firm. We know every company has unique challenges and goals. All of the marketing plans we put together are unique. All of the strategies we develop align with your business goals.

We want you to know how the Google algorithms work so you can stay on top of what we do for you. Remember, the survey mentioned made it clear that companies who have SEO knowledge attain the goals in sales and marketing they have established.

Search engines are basically the tools that organize all the content on the Internet. Whatever content you have for your business needs to be visible to them. Search engines crawl across the web looking for content and code.

When you look back at the survey, you’ll see some of the questions that were asked of business owners were pretty specific. For example, one wants to know what best describes an organic search. Another asked about back links and anchor text.

Search Rankings

When all the data was put together, it was very clear companies understood the importance of search rankings. However, they didn’t necessarily know how to make theirs better or understand all the jargon involved.

That’s where we come in. We believe there’s no special sauce involved in SEO success. However, it’s a good idea to let a company with expertise in the field design a strategy for you. Whether you’re brand-new to this type of marketing or have an existing campaign, we can help.