Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Is?

The fundamental part of any type of marketing, online or offline, is understanding the consumer.

Today, identifying the correct audience can be a challenge. With a wide array of niche products comes a variety of consumer preferences. How can you be sure you are marketing to and targeting the correct audience?

This list will set you on the right path to determine your target market and see your business succeed. These points will also drive more traffic to your site.

1. Understand Your Value Proposition

This is the first step in defining your target consumer. You need to completely understand what kind of value you offer them. What problem does your product or service solve? Understanding the problem you solve will help determine which consumers need the solution. 

2. Who Will Gain Value from What You Offer?

Target-audience-in-Nigeria6-1000x480Think about what kind of person would want to purchase your product or service? Who has a problem that your product or service solves? If the service/product applies to a variety of consumers, consider which people might need it more or use it more often.

3. Who Has Already Purchased From You?

The demographic of people that have already made a purchase are an excellent indicator of what type of consumer you should focus on. If you think that the products in your e-commerce store will sell to French Canadians but the majority of orders come from Germany, a market reevaluation is imperative.

It is necessary to consider several factors:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Income
  • Education
  • Lifestyle and behaviour

These will help you decide if the people you are targeting actually align with your business offering.

4. Research Your Envisioned Consumer

Research is key. Many websites offer information and statistics on consumers sorted into several different demographics. Learning about the consumer you wish to target can provide invaluable insight into the likelihood of them making a purchase.

If you sell a high-end electric skateboard, targeted at university males, but they can not afford it, why waste your marketing budget on them? In this scenario, it may be better to target a younger teen, with fewer expenses or parents that may buy them the product.

The key is to learn about your demographic and see what applies to them.

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