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A lightning fast way to rank in search results with our Toronto PPC Campaign management services

Pay Per Click (PPC) management is a marketing service that creates, improves, and monitors paid advertising campaigns on search engines, social media channels and other platforms.

The goal of our PPC management services is to get your business listed at the top of search engine results while saving time and money. The result is an increased awareness of your brand and an increase in traffic to your website with minimal effort on your part.

Toronto PPC Campaign management for local business

If you are a local business that serves 3 provinces/states or less, you can benefit from our Local PPC Packages! We have managed billions of ads for local businesses around the Canada and United States and know what it takes to get you in front of potential clients right when they are searching.

Pay Per Click is the only sure-fire digital marketing tactic that will drive more traffic from search engines to your website. The best news about PPC? It targets the people you want to reach, it gets fast results, and it is measurable. And Above the Fold Media can help!

Toronto PPC Packages


Starting at



Starting at



Starting at

$6,000 / mo


Starting at

$3,000 / mo

The Benefits of PPC Management

Toronto PPC Management services allow businesses to leverage the knowledge of marketing experts to create well-researched and insightful paid ad campaigns that reach and resonate with prospective customers. Included is campaign set up, real-time bidding, product listings, Google and Bing advertising, mobile ads, and Google Ad grants. PPC is targeted, fast, and measurable.

Components of Toronto PPC management

Campaign Development

Setting up add groups, budgets and more

Deep Keyword Research

Selecting the most powerful keywords

Traffic Generator

Targeting customers and prioritizing traffic

ROI Optimization

Monitoring the cost/lead to keep the costs low


Marketing again and again to online prospects

What is Remarketing

PPC Return on Investment

  • Increase website traffic 63% 63%
  • Increasing lead generation 62% 62%
  • Increasing online sales revenue 57% 57%
  • Achieving or Increasing Measrable ROI 50% 50%
  • Improving brand/product awareness or reputation 46% 46%
  • Increasing Offline sales revenue 24% 24%
  • Developing an effective and methodical strategy 23% 23%
  • Integrating search marketing analytics into a single dashboard 18% 18%
  • Integrating search marketing data with CRM & other marketing strategies 15% 15%
  • Improving public relations 6% 6%


Above the Fold was an invaluable partner – easy to deal with, transparent, always with our best interests in mind. They know our business sector, have an intuitive grasp of what’s needed and are open to feedback. After doing thorough research, they brought innovative ideas to the table that have made a real difference to our business with SEO, PPC, Content, Local and Inbound marketing strategies.”

– Libyan Dahir,
Doyle Salewski, Director of Marketing


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When your company works with Above the Fold Media, you are working with the top of-the-line in PPC management company in Toronto. Everything that Above the Fold does with your pay-per-click campaign is transparent so, though your organization doesn’t have to manage the campaign itself, you can remain intimately involved in the process. PPC management based in Toronto, Above the Fold Media is the simple solution to pay-per-click management. Get started now.