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The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to help search engines and website visitors understand what your web page is about.

The result is naturally higher ranking web pages and higher quality website visitors. In other words, with SEO your web pages are found more often and by people who want to be your customer. The best news about Toronto SEO services? Because it focuses on establishing quality on your website, it is a digital marketing investment that continues to add value over time.


Toronto SEO Services Can Change Your Business: 5 Benefits of SEO



1. Increase Awareness

SEO allows you access to a range of people across the internet by improving your online visibility.


2. Website Assessment

defines web content with one or two keywords or keyword phrases, keeping content clear and simple.


3. Competitor Analysis

SEO allows search engines to match search queries with web pages and direct traffic accordingly.


4. Final Recommendations

SEO-driven website visitors are more qualified leads because they were essentially looking for you.



5. Contract

SEO is an evergreen marketing tactic, meaning it often only has to be implemented once for lasting benefits.



"We hired ATF last year to re-do our websites and manage our SEO. We're very pleased with our new sites and they have been doing a fabulous job with our SEO and are seeing the benefits in our organic rankings."


Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal injury Law Firm Ranks on Top in Search Engine Listings

One of Canada’s largest personal injury law firms reaches the top in organic search rankings. The firm reached out to Above the Fold Media for an aggressive plan to put them back on top due to their loss in rankings.


10 SEO Tips to Apply to Your Business’ Website Today

Here are 10 SEO Tips to Help Boost Your Online Ranking Whether you’re a startup or a growing business looking to expand your digital presence, search engine optimization (SEO) is integral for success in the digital marketplace. If you are new to SEO you are guaranteed...

Top 3 Ways for Dental Practices to Increase Their SEO Ranking

Mastering SEO for your Dental Practice It isn't enough for your dental practice to have a website, you need to get in front of potential patients to show them the services your practice offers. The best way for new patients to find you is online, particularly when...

Getting Trumped by Competitors in Digital Marketing?

By all accounts, presumptive Republic nominee Donald Trump’s campaign for the U.S. presidency is currently in trouble. He sacked his campaign manager; he trails Hilary Clinton in the polls by double digits; his staff is one-10th the size of hers; and his fundraising...

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