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Toronto website consultation is a discussion with an expert about how to improve a future or an existing website to make it more efficient and effective.

The goal of a consultation is to identify actionable steps (and maybe take them) to help you create an online presence that survives the competitive nature of the web today. The result is a website that is not only well designed, but also foundationally functional, leveraging content planning and UX, SEO, and inbound strategies on your webpages. Your Website + Content Planning & UX + SEO + Inbound Marketing = A website that holds up to competition. The best news about web consultations? They empower you to keep improving your online presence with lasting results. Providing expert Toronto website consultation is just another one of the services we offer. Our clients in Toronto report they see a huge difference after talking with our expert team. People who work on the Internet in Mississauga or Hamilton or Toronto all say they find profit increases by following our suggestions. Our number one priority here is to mesh good website strategy with your business goals. The results are increased traffic that converts to sales and bumps your bottom line up. The number one priority of any consultation you have with us is to come up with a set of actionable steps that will increase your ranking. We are aware of the competitive nature of the Internet and want to help you get to where you need to be. The main driver is the UX and we touch on every important aspect including: Content planning: We have the expertise to be able to put together a good content strategy that will increase your visibility and put you ahead of the competition. Keywords and Media: This is the toolkit that we can carefully analyze on your behalf. It includes headers and media and alt text as well.  Comprehensive and thorough are two words that we have had associated with our website consultation services. Blogging and social media are the fuel that can propel your website towards your business objectives. Other resources and e-books are also helpful. We know what to look for and how to tweak what we find if necessary. Our inbound marketing expertise results in a website that stands up to the competition.

Empowering You

Empowering you to adopt a digital strategy that includes these powerful tools is our goal. If you take a few minutes, you can read testimonials on our website. They come from business owners just like you who have decided that our Toronto website consultation services exceed expectations. We like to call ourselves a hands-on boutique marketing agency for a good reason. Here at Above the Fold Media, we understand that success is a target that keeps moving across the digital marketing landscape.

Simple and Comprehensive

That’s why we’ve put together a process that simple and comprehensive at the same time. Without cutting corners we get straight to the point and the best suggestions for your digital marketing strategy. We supply the kind of expert advice that’s empowering and transparent the same time. Where website consultation is concerned, we are probably the industry leaders for all our customers from Toronto to Edmonton and Halifax.

The anatomy of a website consultation in Toronto


"The team at Above the Fold have been great... Before we started working with them our agency was spending and spending with a very poor ROI, we now close on average 2 new accounts a day!"


- Todd Anstey,
President, Triton Canada

"David and his team from Above the Fold Media have worked with me for nearly two years at my orthodontic practice. In this time, we have been able to improve our rankings and receive more inflow of clients through our website via search engine optimization. Additionally, Dave has effectively provided advice for successfully building a business. I would definitely recommend this agency to a friend."


-Dr. Rashed
Smiles on Yonge Orthodontics

"We hired ATF last year to re-do our websites and manage our SEO. We're very pleased with our new sites and they have been doing a fabulous job with our SEO and are seeing the benefits in our organic rankings."


Personal Injury Law Firm

"As manager of two orthodontic practices in the GTA, I have worked with Dave and his team at Above The Fold Media for more than two years. Our tracking procedures have shown that our relationship with ATF has brought us substantial, measurable increased patient flow and revenue. Highly recommend!!"


Aurora Orthodontics

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When your company works with Above the Fold Media, you are working with more than a talented website designer. You are working with experts in UX, SEO, and Inbound Marketing to develop a comprehensive website that works. Whether you are planning, developing or already have a beautiful website, Above the Fold Media can put it to work for you. Get started now.