How Using a Digital Marketing Company Can Save You Money

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At first glance, hiring a digital marketing company might seem like a business decision that would cause you to spend money – not save it. But if you take a hard look at the benefits of using a digital marketing company to support your marketing strategy, you will likely find little piles of savings in any number of forms.

One of the most obvious ways a digital marketing company can save you money is by helping your company more accurately focus on and reach your target audience.

Hitting the Bull’s Eye

Your target audience is often represented by what we call in marketing, a persona. This persona has the characteristics of an individual who is most likely to buy services or products from your company.

The goal of digital marketing is to develop content and use specific tactics that will draw the attention of an individual who is likely to be interested in your products and services, and then create in that individual a desire to engage with your business – perhaps first with the content that was developed for them and then, of course, as a customer.

Nail this, and you’ve hit the bull’s eye of digital marketing.

Sounds simple enough, right? It can be. But many companies, depending on the range of products and services they offer, may have multiple personas to reach out to, engage with and convert – and often at the same time.

And this is where things can get confusing. So Why Is DIY Digital Marketing Often More Expensive?

To hit the bull’s eye with every persona your organization wants to target, you’ll likely need multiple content campaigns that use a variety of different types of media, each with a varying approach or tone of voice, different methods of content promotion, which will likely require different methods of tracking and so on.

Sometimes, but not always, larger organizations will have the staff resources and expertise to handle every angle of different personas. But often not.

Prevention of Trial-and-error Marketing

First, handing off digital marketing needs to an agency will prevent your business from wasting money trying to “figure it out.” A good marketing agency is staffed by experts. You can expect an expert hit the bull’s eye faster and with more accuracy than a business owner or even a well-intentioned, in-house marketing coordinator.

And when we are talking about marketing tactics like pay-per-click (PPC), for example, that cost you money every time someone clicks on your online advertisement, an expert can save you big bucks not “figuring it out.”

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Reduction of Marketing Inefficiencies and Inconsistencies

Also, when trying to figure it out, often times companies can either over or under-do certain tactics. For example, paid promotion (sometimes called “sponsoring”) a certain piece of content across several social media platforms may be unnecessary if the content was created for professionals who spend most of their time on LinkedIn.

It is also common for companies who create their own content – blog articles, special downloads and the like – to struggle to maintain a consistent publishing schedule. Using a digital marketing company to support your company’s content marketing strategy will help be consistent.

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And Even When You Have an Expert On Staff…

Finally, even if you have an expert, in-house marketer, the DIY approach means you will be using a lot of their salaried time on more administrative tasks like content management platform set up, content development, advertising variation copy and running reports.

If your expert has to manage multiple campaigns for multiple personas, well, they likely won’t be able to run very many effectively. And, one could argue, that they might not have much time to be forward-thinking about the marketing strategies that need to be implemented to move your company forward.

It would be a better use of their time (and your salary dollars) to have the manage a marketing agency who does the more menial tasks.

To learn more about the tasks a marketing agency like Above the Fold Media can perform to support your marketing department, contact us today.

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