Types of Blog Posts That Keep Visitors On Page


types of blog posts that keep visitors on page

Check out our video below to learn more tips and strategies to create engaging types of blog posts.



3 Types of Blog Posts that will Engage your Subscribers

First, who should you create content for? You should only create for people who WANT to engage with you. Some don’t. Let’s discuss the 3 kinds of blog posts and why they work.

1. Long Form Copy

  • Deep Research: It works because it is deep. And deep is really interesting. Dig deep into a topic and share all your newfound knowledge.
  • Experiential Posts: Tell a story about your product, how you learned something new or a customer’s experience.
  • Thought Leadership: Share original insight into your industry, product or service.

2. Visual Media

It works because people love pretty things and things that move.  We’ve listed some popular ones for you to explore:

  • Infographics: Information in a ‘mostly’ visual form – if you use text, keep it simple.
  • Slideshares: An under-appreciated visual format great for professionals in fields like legal, software, and small business.
  • Videos: You can test out video content for youtube. Go live on platforms like Facebook, or Instagram to answer your customer’s questions and then share it on your blog. Be crafty with it. We are using Adobe Spark to make this quick video and you can, too!

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3. Educational Posts

They work because people expect to learn. (And that usually takes time and focus.)

  • How-to’s: Tell your reader how to do something step-by-step.
  • FAQ Posts: Answer your customer’s most frequently asked questions. (All of them.)
  • Resource Lists: Compose a list of resources (with links) your customers will return to again and again.


Don’t be intimidated to experiment with these different types of blog posts for your business! Don’t have time to create content? We can help. 

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