What A Good Website Consultation in Ottawa is All About

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

There are several levels to digital business success and quite often a website consultation in Ottawa helps. If you take a minute to check out the customer testimonials on our website, you’ll see how we plan every detail. That includes taking a professional look at your existing website to see what tweaks need to be made.

Generally, this type of consultation can be broken down into several different parts.

Phase One:

One of the areas that is considered here is one of the most critical. Content planning needs to include a thorough analysis of your target market. It’s important to understand who they are and how best to reach them. For example, based on the demographics of the type of goods and services you sell, it might be best to mix in a lot of social media.

Taking a look at the site map of your website is equally important. The hierarchy of pages for most companies starts with a homepage. The top level navigation that’s most successful can include a variety of other pages including an About Us section. A products page is one of the most popular and useful choices

Phase Two:

Getting the word out on what you’ve got to sell means having a professional SEO strategy. Taking a look at the keywords that you are currently using is an important part of this aspect of the process. There are several things that make some keywords better than others. For example, our website consultation and search engine optimization specialists look for shorter search phrases.

The reason is simple. These are used more often. Good keywords also need to be relevant and specific to your industry and business. Other things we look for that can make a difference include the quality of headers as well as the kinds of media that gets used. Here’s an example. Some businesses have products that require detailed explanations so videos help here.

Phase Three:

This is where we look at your marketing tactics.  Those include blogging and social media as well as any other resources you use like e-books. Deciding which medium works best is about understanding the target market.

Blogging is always a good way to reach your customers and engage them. This medium works well with a variety of different business models.

Above The Fold Media would be happy to schedule a website consultation and for your company today.