Why Your Website Content is Crucial

content-and-seoYour website is your bread and butter, and because of this you always need to put your best face forward. That means creating engaging, high-quality, optimized content that can be found easily. It can be easy to sit down at your laptop and hammer out a bunch of content just so that your pages seem full – but if this isn’t done correctly, those pages will actually matter very little.

When it comes to your website content, there are a few key factors that you need to keep in mind to not only get users to your site, but also keep them there!

  1. Needs to be unique. No copying and pasting allowed!! Sure, maybe a competitor says exactly what you wanted to say, and in a great way – so should you just repost what they’ve written? Not a chance!Your content creation needs to involve the production of original content. Also, if your content is the same as another page, what distinguishes you?
  2. Needs to be engaging. A boring page = a bored user = a lost user. There are a number of ways to avoid this. Firstly, interesting content can keep a user interested. Include information on the benefits of your product or service – right there on the first page – this can make it easy for a potential lead to make a quick decision. Add images throughout – too many lines of content can be overwhelming and cause users to jump ship.
  3. Needs to be optimized. Keywords are still very important, and so your website needs to make use of keyword research. But it takes far more than just researching a few keywords and plunking them in. Too few and they are quickly lost in the shuffle. Too many and the content becomes difficult or annoying to read. Too short and you’ll never rank. It takes some knowledge and a delicate balance.
  4. Needs to be well written. Leave your website content creation to a 10th grade summer student and your results will reflect this attempt to save cash. Poorly written content will quickly turn potentials off. Lots of editing and grammar mistakes will make your website look unprofessional. Take the time and use your best resources to ensure that your site contains content that is clear, concise, easy to read and makes an impact.
  5. Needs to include a call to action. If a customer visits your site, spends time reading your unique and engaging content, and then decides that you are the company for them, how easy is it for them to take that final step? Including a call of action – a simple and obvious method to contact or purchase – can mean the difference between a sale and a sayonara.

Your website is your online store front, no matter what you sell, and so make sure that what potentials see makes them think, and ultimately buy. Don’t leave your website content to chance – spend the time creating content that will get you noticed and create a buzz.

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