Your Toronto PPC Agency Explains How The Human Touch Compliments Automation

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Blog, social media | 0 comments

Here at Above The Fold Media we like to stay on top of all the current trends. That’s why we’re keeping an eye on automation. If you look around you’ll see automobiles that are learning to drive themselves without a human at the wheel. Aircraft are becoming almost accident proof thanks to automation.

Everyone can agree it’s a good thing but it works best as part of a layered approach in our society. There are always intangibles that you need to look at.

More Effective

As in other areas, machine learning and AI are making more and more marketing strategies simpler and more effective. However, when you’re looking at PPC, it’s a good idea to add human characteristics like intellect, intuition, insight and improvisation into the mix.

People still play an important role when it comes to good results in paid search. One of the most important elements of good Toronto PPC Agency brings to the table is agility.  Here at Above The Fold Media, we pride ourselves on the human touch coupled with powerful management PPC tools.

It’s possible to create automated alerts, but there’s a better case to be made for maximizing what is otherwise a highly automated PPC tool. Here’s a few ways that humans can still plan for smart course corrections and adjustments that are needed to reach your marketing objectives.

  • There are a variety of tools that can help a Toronto PPC agency like ours identify issues that can lead to missed targets and goals. These audits are just one way that we can help keep your digital marketing plans on track.
  • Some of the newest tools like Optmyzr offer a blueprint feature. This allows a whole team to work together to hit the big picture when it comes to digital marketing strategy.
  • The same tool has an outstanding insights feature. This tool helps you to focus on the root causes of issues.

This blog isn’t trying to say that you can’t run a competent PPC program without human interaction. However, we’re the Toronto PPC agency that has experience and understands getting the most from this tool is about regulating and monitoring automations.

We are a leading digital marketing agency that takes pride in the fact that we are dedicated and transparent with our clients. Above The Fold Media understands how important it is to get a ranking that’s at the top of Google and other search engines.