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The goal of local search engine optimization is to help search engines and website visitors understand where your business is physically located.

The result is not only naturally higher ranking web pages for searches conducted in and around your physical location, but also more website visitors who are likely to visit your physical location.

If the search engines don’t know where your business is physically located, they can’t direct your customers to your landing page and where you are. That’s the purpose of our local SEO services Toronto or search engine optimization tools.

Making sure that you get more visitors that convert into sales to your physical location is one of our priorities. Web pages that rank higher for searches focusing on this metric are what we do best. Above the Fold Media is also an industry leader in making sure you get a solid bump to your ROI as a result of the process.

Local SEO Services Toronto

In a nutshell, our local SEO services provide searches for the people who are in close proximity to your physical location.  We are leaders in the field for local SEO services in Mississauga, Markham and Hamilton apart from Toronto.

The dedication that we show also attracts clients from places as diverse as Ottawa and Halifax. It’s all about a dedication to making sure each and every client gets the best ROI possible. Everything starts with the consultation between our experts and your business team.

If you’re looking to rank ahead of your competition, we can help with an outstanding set of tools that are tailor-made to each individual business situation.

Experienced, Dedicated SEO Services

Our expert team is made up of a diverse set of qualified professionals who bring years of experience to the local SEO services they provide to you. Providing services that are results orientated and affordable are two of the cornerstones of our business.

We beat the competition hands down for a variety of good reasons. First and foremost is our ability to listen to each valued client. Our consultation is all about making sure we understand how to tailor make our services to your individual business needs.

Above the Fold Media makes outstanding customer service our foundation. Making sure our valuable clients get the return on any investment they make with us is the foundation of our entire business model. Providing this kind of personalized service has allowed us to build and maintain an excellent reputation in the industry.

Local SEO Services Toronto That Care

We are the local SEO service company that cares. If you take a minute to look at our website, you’ll see testimonials from clients just like you who found our services exceeded their expectations. Why not get in touch with us today?

The Role of SEO In Your Digital Marketing Plan


When you look online for a business near you, search engines gather information about the businesses ranking for your search terms closest to your physical location. If you move across the city, those rankings change. Go to the other side of town, and again the listings change. Toronto Local SEO search ensures your business appears in searches for the people closest to you.

Personal Injury Law Firm Ranks on Top in Search Engine Listings

With over 35 years of experience, 165 staff members, and five locations across Canada, Personal Injury Law Firm is a leader in personal injury law. As a result of being in a very competitive area of law and a drop in search engine rankings over the last year, the firm reached out to Above the Fold Media for an aggressive plan to put them back on top.


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